Zou Bisou Bisou, I Love You.

So what, I’m a week late or whatever. Who cares?

The season 5 premiere for Mad Men was pretty good for a 2 hour-er. Don Draper was looking fine as usual. But lets get to the good part. Jessica Pare / Megan Draper’s performance of Zou Bisou Bisou for Don’s 40th birthday. Like a lot of Mad Men fans, the past week I’ve had that song stuck in my head. I am quite the Francophile, so I’m obsessed with anything French. Jessica Pare was just too fucking perfect with that song. Can we talk about her hair, her outfit, HER?! She just may be my new favorite character this season… mostly because she’s sassy and doesn’t mind fighting with Don for all the right reasons. Like, um… their makeup sex after his birthday? I died.

In all seriousness though, Megan Draper is going to be my new favorite character this season, I can already tell. I used to be a huge Rodger fan, but the entire time in the season premiere he just pissed me off. I’ve never been a big Peggy fan, and Joan, although she appears to be strong and have it all together, seems much too needy from that first episode. We’ll see.

Another thing, everyone’s been bitching about Betty. “Where’s Betty?” blah blah, Betty. Honestly, this first episode was like a nice family reunion for everyone, and Betty is that bitchy ex girlfriend everyone hopes WONT show up because she’d make everything incredibly awkward and would ruin the fun (P.S. Lane Pryce would absolutely be that creepy old uncle who always pinches your butt or hugs you for too long). I wouldn’t mind less of Betty, as much as I love January Jones, but I know she’ll be shown a lot. Lastly, am I the only person who wants to just slap Peter across the face?! I never liked him, but in the earlier seasons I was just like, “Eh, I could do without him”, and then “Oh my God, seriously Peter?” and now its just like, “GTFO PETER!”. Ugh, everything about him just irks me. Anyways, one thing is for sure, I absolutely love having Don Draper back in my life every Sunday night. Yes!


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