What I Learned From The Hunger Games

Like the rest of the world, I watched, and read The Hunger Games. Little did I know it’d lead to a few realizations.

  1. I’d be so dead. Now I’m a little pissed off that I’m so ill prepared if the hunger games was actually a real thing. At this point/age, I would’ve escaped the reaping, but had I gotten picked… Oh Jesus… my survival skils are null, athletic abilities, ehhh, and killing other people? No. My strategy would be no different than when Katniss found Peeta all wounded and shit… I’d hide all camouflaged. Let’s face it, that would probably be my only way of survival. And if I passed out from dehydration/lack of food, at least I’d be hidden? I’m going to be a bit honest here, but I feel like (even though Hunger Games is a completely fictional time/story) we’re in the age of bonafide pussies. When the fuck was the last time you tried to survive off of the earth? Even boyscouts couldn’t do it I’m sure because they’re conditioned to being Grade-A wusses. But that’s just how things are. If the hunger games was ever a thing, I’d tap the fuck out.
  2. Our world sucks. No, actually, its just our society and culture that sucks. The world sucks too though. Clearly, Suzanne Collins wrote this as an exploitation on how fixated our society is on making spectacles and violence. She’s also saying a lot about government control of the media and how our image is so influenced by that, as much as we say we’re immune to it. Everything we watch, hear, on TV, the radio, newspapers, have been, in some way manipulated by government or government backed corporations. Again, it may not be the fucking Hunger Games, but that shit is happening.
  3. Girls run shit. Or maybe its just the theme of new Young Adult fiction… Twilight/Hunger Games both had love triangles, in which the girl was in control of whoever she picked. Beyonce was right… WHO RUN THE WORLD?… GIRLS.
  4. Jennifer Lawrence is a bad ass motherfucker. Girl is crazy sassy, and she has an attitude. She doesn’t have that typical celebrity persona, and shes amazingly down to earth. Girlcrush? Possibly.

    For your viewing pleasure. My favorite bad bitch and my new favorite bad bitch.

Want more lessons from The Hunger Games? Read up on Work Lessons from the Hunger Games. Pure brilliance.


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  1. Me too.. if THG was real, im pretty unprepared. But who is? Unless they are from District 1 & 2.

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