Classy vs. Unclassy: Hey Girl

Hey Girl
    • Fighting over a cab/upstreaming someone when trying to get a cab/fighting with your cab driver. The absolute WORST is when someone upstreams you, and acts all oblivious about it when clearly theyre acting like a douchebag and they think they can get away with it. GTFO. I understand and can tell if youre a tourist and have no idea / the slightest clue of cab courtesy, but sometimes, UGH! UNCLASSY.
    • “Hey girl… I just saved you from getting hit by a taxi”.  I mean, that’s not exactly what Ryan Gosling said when he saved some lucky bitch of a reporter from getting hit by a New York taxi cab… but I like to think that’s what he said, all smooth and shit. Look at you Ryan Gosling, saving people, breaking up fights… it’s like NYC has their very own vigilante. (If you haven’t seen the video of him breaking up the fight, I totally suggest it and encourage your procrastination and aimless Internet surfing.) As if he wasn’t classy enough in my book, all this hero stuff makes him even more so. CLASSY.
    • Levi Johnston impregnating another girl. Um, did I miss the part where he and Bristol Palin called it quits? What a classy guy. NOT. But hey, at least she’s only 20. WHAT? UNCLASSY.
    • Turning 20, so you don’t qualify for “Teen Mom” anymore, and you officially beat teenage pregnancy. classy. Kidding. That’s really not something to be commended. I mean, it is… not having a baby as a teenager, but in this day and age, its the sad truth. Um, Hillary Duff had a baby with her hubby – last I thought of her, she was pretending to act in A Cinderella Story . On the topic of famous celeb babies, because everyone keeps up with the most fashionable famous baby… be sure to wish little Suri Cruise a happy birthday April, 18. If there was ever a child who personified classiness, glitteriness, and style, it’d be this babycakes (Okay, she’s not a baby, she’s what, 6? Same difference). Happy Birthday Suri Cruise, may you be as CLASSY as ever.
    • Violence caused either by racial profiling and/or appearances and/or the type of clothing one wears. Violence in any case, UNCLASSY. This Trayvon Martin case is really perplexing and hard to really understand without having actually been at the scene of the crime. The suspected killer, Zimmerman is said to have killed Martin because he “looked” suspicious, particularly because he was wearing a hoodie. What really irks me is that this is a shit excuse. Athletes wear hoodies, I wear hoodies, even Bill Belichick wears a hoodie on the Patriots’ sideline… but no one’s ever confronted me, or Belichick for being suspicious looking, let alone shot us for wearing a hoodie. It’s really infuriating the way things are!
    • Congressman, Bobby Rush of IL getting thrown off of the House floor for wearing a hoodie – protesting Trayvon’s shooting. CLASSY. Just when I thought that everyone in the American government was a pushover, irresponsible, and ineffective, although this was such a small action, I think it meant a lot. Rush did look pretty bad ass, taking off his coat, and donning a nice hooded sweatshirt, and putting on a pair of sunglasses. The reason why he was thrown off of the House floor is unbeknownst to me, apparently there’s a rule against not wearing hoods? What the fuck ever. Again, the American government works in their wonderous ways…

Have a wonderfully, classy day!



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