My Advice to My Teenage Self

  1. Don’t take school too seriously.  I remember being so caught up with school work and this and that, that I never realized what I really wanted to do with my life… I still haven’t the slightest clue.
  2. Don’t take LIFE too seriously. Everything back then seemed like it was SUCH a big deal!! And looking back, WTF was I thinking. Everything was so hardcore for me when I was a tween/teenager. OMG WHAT?! A B ON A TEST?!  Fuck that shit. Life is so much easier when you stop caring much. Extracurriculars were my LIFE. I was Miss student council, Miss face of my high school, volleyball champ, academic awards up the ying fucking yang… but here in New York City, no one really gives a shit of how badass I was in high school. It doesn’t really matter in the end.
  3. Savor your family and friends. The time I spent with them in school, at home, I took way too much for granted. Being across the country from them all has put that all in perspective. This year I lost a few friends close to me, and have seen others lose their own loved ones. Savor each moment while you can!
  4. Take advantage of homemade cooking. Obviously. You’re not going to be living at home your whole life, so eat up while you can. And from the perspective of a starving/money deprived college student, take advantage of a full pantry at home too.
  5. Myspace isn’t a big deal. Choosing my top 8 friends used to be such a fucking dilemma. Picking a song for your Myspace page? Oh baby Jesus, don’t even get me started… Welcome to Facebook, where everyone knows so much about you, they could basically be your best friend. 
  6. Remember that some fashion is just fad. Um, my childhood best friend, will be the first to point out, and laugh at my terrible fashion choices as a tween/teenager. First of all, I had an obsession with the color pink. No. Just no. It must be the reason why I despise  am repulsed by pink now. My specialty was those tiered ruffled skirts… which I’d wear out (out where?! to fucking middle school dances of course, which were, of coures, THE social event of the year) – not gonna lie, my great taste still scored me some boyzz… but looking at old pictures really makes me cringe. I also had a skater phase too… I sported Hurley, Billabong, etc, and even, oh God, Etnies, and I embarassingly admit I had a collection of trucker hats. Did I wear them? I hope to God no, I seem to have blocked that from my memory. Moral of the story – stick with timeless and classy.
  7. Cherish your private school uniform days. I’m not saying get all nostalgic from being raised in a private catholic school from K-8 and then 4 years of high school… God no. Just treasure the fact (you know what I mean you NDBers) that you can literally roll out of bed, sans makeup, throw on a polo and skirt and a pair of mocassins or Birkenstocks, and youre set to go – no judgement. There weren’t any boys around anyways. It seems like such a far off ideal now, living in New York City, where everyone dresses to impress. If I had the same morning routing when I went to my all girls private high school (where all of us couldn’t give a flying fuck about what we looked like), then I would most definitely be mistaken for a homeless person… or just a super grungy hipster (to be honest sometimes I really can’t tell the difference around here). 
  8. Boys aren’t really big of a deal. Being a teenage girl, the number one thing you care about is boys. I can’t say it doesn’t change as you get older, as all I seem to obsess about is men – actually, just one – my amazing boyfriend  (my David mancandy!). At such a young age, they’ll come they’ll go – get the fuck over it. Save the mothafuckin drama fo yo mama! Plus, real dating doesn’t start until your 20s – WTF, you think a real date is going on the ferris wheel together? Get over yourself.
  9. Your mom will always be your best friend. Speaking of mamas… all that drama you saved for her? Well she listens. All the fucking time. She will always be your number one fan, no matter how much you fight, you argue, you get upset with each other. I always seemed to have taken our relationship for granted, but now, I’ve come to this realization. No one knows you better, and no one will ever love you as much. This, is the most important advice for you, Teenage Self. 




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  1. Much wisdom, you possess. Have a great day. 🙂

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