Thankful Thursday: Childhood Memories

Childhood Memories

That time you spun so fast on your tire swing you almost threw up

When you and your best friend dressed in matching outfits ever weekend for years. When Saturday morning cartoons were the shit. When your mom would make you finish all of your peas before you left the dinner table. Playing capture the flag with your neighbors. Having a rock collection (true story). When you loved to catch rolly pollies and watch them curl up in balls. When your piano teacher used to slap your hands when you played the wrong notes. When you bawled for hours at Disneyland because Minnie Mouse didn’t have time to give you her autograph.

There’s something to be said about the sentimental value of childhood memories. When we remember these silly little things, we’re going into the past and reliving our age of innocence and loveliness. Back then, the world was brand new to us… and we cherished every bit of it. Now we’re unphased by these little things, because we’ve grown accustomed to being non-chalant and so passe over such juvenile things. Nostalgia – its never a bad thing. What are some of your best childhood memories?

What are YOU thankful for?


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  1. Riding my brother’s hand-me down blue boys’ bike was probably my first real taste of freedom. To me it looked like a motorcycle, very cool for a girl. One evening as I was riding this magnificent piece of machinery/pile of nuts and rattling bolts I rode straight into the hugest brightest orange moon I ever saw. This amazing manifestation touched down at exactly the end of the street so it just sat there perfectly framed, glowing and luminous as if the impossible could be made real. I slammed on my brakes, like only a cool girl could, and stood stalk still watching this once in a lifetime view.

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