Thankful Thursday: Rainy Days

Rainy Days

When is there a better time to cuddle up with a good movie and your ManCandy? Rainy days. Theyre little blessings in the form of shitty weather, that give us an excuse to say inside, do nothing, be lazy, and get warm. What else is better than that, really? When I was little, I used to despise rainy days. I remember in elementary school we’d have “Rainy Day Schedule”, where instead of going out to the playground for recess and lunch, we’d stay inside the class room and watch some terrible movie, like Jumanji , Airplane, or whatever. Cooping up more than thirty kids inside for eight full hours was probably rough for the teachers too. But as I’ve grown way past “Rainy Day Schedules” and playgrounds, I’ve decided to see rainy days as a blessing in disguise. Because rainy days mean, “its too wet to go to the gym”, or “I guess I’ll have to order delivery tonight”. They mean its extra time for some much needed, TLC. Grab your ManCandy, a warm snuggie, some green tea, and pop in that movie you’ve been dying to watch, catch up on your TV shows on Hulu, or make a dent in that Netflix queue. It’s a rainy day, deal with it, love it, cherish it, and be thankful for it!

What are YOU thankful for?



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  1. There is nothing better in life than a fire, a crossword, a blanket, a cat, and a manfriend, wrapped up tight, away from the rain.

    Fab post!

  2. One October day, as I was putting the dog out around dinner time, I happened to notice the clear scent of the backyard. The scent seemed to wake me, reminding me of parts that had been asleep for some time. It had stopped raining and a thousand tiny raindrops clung to the clothesline like crystals. The water droplets were reminiscent of melting icicles, that one would expect to let go and fall. The drops formed perfect round bobbles that by rights should have slide off the clothesline and dripped to the ground, yet clung like heavy grapes on a vine. Few things have the will and precision of a raindrop balancing on a string. The drops appeared succulent, like an expensive unexpected gift, an extravagance that should come wrapped in a velvet

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