Coachella Faves

The Great Dames: Kimbra & Florence Welch
Azealia Banks. She's a "rude bitch n**** what are you made of?"
Diane Kruger
Lea Michele.
Alexa Chung in 3.1 Phillip Lim.
Lindsay Lohan

Welp, this weekend wrapped up Coachella 2012. So while I wallow in self pity and complain about how I wasn’t there getting my hippie boho summer style on, I’ll also talk about my favorite celeb Coachella styles. By far, the best picture I’ve seen from Coachella is of Kimbra and Florence Welch. Two of my favorites. Both of these classy dames just look absolutely radiant, sigh. Azaelia Banks, on the other hand, popped her American performance cherry this year at Coachella. Love this bad bitch. Slightly obsessed with “212”, her anthem for all fierce New York City girls? Um, absolutely yes. I have nothing much to say about Diane Kruger except that she’s as fantastic as usual, she has the classiest, understated style ever, and I’m in love. Lea Michele, she looks gorgeous here… if she was at the Kentucky Derby. Girl, this is not a WASP meeting. You’re at Coachella… cut the Rachel Berry act. Harsh world, right? Another Coachella style that I found super interesting was Alexa Chung. I absolutely love the girls style, and I adore her for rocking the designer frock. Last but not least we have LiLo. She looked GOOD. And by good, I mean, she didn’t look like a crack whore. Sans the botox lips, LiLo looks amazing. She’s back to her natural locks – Cheers to you reds, you officially have another busty spokeswoman next to Christina Hendricks… if only we could all be so lucky. But in all seriousness, totally rooting for LiLo – comeback of the Disney childhood star. I think yes. You go girl! Way to keep it classy.


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