Thankful Thursday: Daily Encounters

Daily Encounters

I saw this guy walking on the street and had to take a picture of his shirt... So I followed him for 3 blocks. Not creepy at all.

I really don’t pay attention much to the people I come across each and every day… and I suppose I should… Considering, in some way or another, they are a part of my life. Every morning I pass by the public safety officer of my building, who reminds me of a grandfather-like figure, yet, I would totally be confident in their ability to kick the shit out of some bad guy. There’s the adorably, cute, old African-American lady that works at Au Bon Pain who rings my coffee up every morning. She always calls me some term of endearment that just melts my heart, “Have a great day dear!”, “Have a good one love!”. I like to feel I’m special, but I wonder if she makes other people buying their coffees/sandwiches/pastries feel all warm inside too. This is bad, but most days walking to classes I’ll pass by this one homeless lady who has my heart, on Broadway. Sometimes I give her money (depending on my bagel/coffee expenses thus far). I feel like she and I have shared the most intimate encounters… I mean, I’ve seen her pee and defecate on the street. And we always smile at each other – one time, she even smiled at me WHILE peeing. Rain or shine though, she always wears these really ultra fabulous sunglasses that reminds me, no matter how shitty life gets, there’s always a silver lining – like ironically owning a pair of oversized Marc Jacobs sunglasses. My day usually comes to an end at yoga class, where I always set up my mat in the same place… unfortunately next to the Yoga Nazi. He’s really mean, always screams at people who have their cellphones in class, and is even meaner to all the obvious newbies of the yoga studio. I’ve never talked to him before – aside from the few times he’s asked me to move my mat over so he can have more room. As mean as he is, there’s a good lesson to be learned there. Don’t take life too seriously. Every time he snaps at some poor, innocent girl whos phone lit up next to her, I just laugh while holding my Warrior II. Really guy? What are you trying at here? Unclench your asshole, and relax.

There are a bunch of other daily encounters with people I have… these ones are just worth mentioning. Why am I thankful? Because not only are they part of my life, every, single day, but also because I don’t want to take these people for granted. I take a lot of my daily routine for granted, and never really think about the people who are a part of it… no matter how small their role.

What are YOU thankful for?


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