Classy vs. Unclassy: #TanningProblems & Obama

  • The weather’s getting warm here in NYC. It’s time to flash those pretty legs and bare arms! Skirts, tanks, sundresses, shorts, sunglasses. So lovely. Summer weather and summer clothes though, so CLASSY. 
  • With the lovely weather comes a lot of nuisances. Especially in NYC. There’s an art to not sweating your makeup off on the subway, trust me. Also planning outfits accordingly so when you go from the hot, gross, humidity outside to air conditioning blasting in a room, you’re prepared. These, my friends, are #HotProblems…. This recent video, however, entitled Hot Problems, is, in my opinion UNCLASSY. Seriously? Booo freaking hoooo life must be so hard because you’re so “hot”. I really hope that this is a joke video… not two girls really hoping to become like, Rebecca Black status.
  • Speaking of music, lets switch it over to GOOD music. Last month Coachella kicked off the 2012 music festival season. Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, Bonaroo all have great things in store. Lovely people, lovely music, a lovely time. Enjoy responsibly 😉 CLASSY. 
Florence Welch & Kimbra. Two classy fucking dames. Lightweight obsessed.
  • Who doesn’t love getting wild, crazy and wasted while listening to AMAZING music? It’s all part of the experience at music festivals. But when you get to the point where you’re acting like the infamous, albeit funny, “Girl at Ultra” humping trees, etc.. then you cross a line my friend. Poor thing. UNCLASSY
  • We all know the Met Gala is the classiest event of the year for New Yorkers and celebrities, fashion and the art world alike. Red carpets omit classiness. As usual, there are always fashion faux pas. Take for instance, Leighton Meester, who – under normal circumstances, I typically love. Her Marchesa confection she donned at the gala was beautiful… the rest of her, not so much. I’m in a tough place deciding whether her beautiful dress outweighed her tanning / self tanner mishaps, or whether the self tanner got ahold of Leighton and attacked her. What do you guys think?! CLASSY? or UNCLASSY?

    Whats the verdict here? Do we turn a blind eye to Leighton’s tanning mishaps to see the classiness of her beautiful dress?TanorexiaOh, don’t you look like a darling Oompa-Loompa
  • Supposedly, Snooki quit tanning and is opting for some self-tanner lotions instead. You go girl! In other tanning news, the tanorexic mom of NJ, scares the living shit out of me. The only reason I stopped having nightmares of her was seeing Kristen Wiig on SNL impersonate her. Bringing your children (as in younger than tweenage) to a tanning salon, UNCLASSY.
  •  North Carolina passing an amendment stating that “marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state”, thus depriving people, regular citizens, of a right. UNCLASSY. 
  •  Obama, on ABCNews taking a stance and endorsing the marriage of same-sex couples. CLASSY.

     Gay Marriage
    So much love for Mr. President & The First Lady.


 Stay classy my friends. 



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