Mad Men Recap: Let’s Hear It For The Girls

Season 5, Episode 11: “The Other Woman”

“What price would we pay, what behavior would we forgive, if they weren’t pretty, if they weren’t temperamental, if they weren’t out of our control…Jaguar: At last, something beautiful you can truly own.” -Mad Men Season 5 Episode 11

I typically don’t do recaps of episodes, but there’s a first time for everything. This episode of Mad Men, made up SIGNIFICANTLY for the boring episode last week featuring Fat Betty. Likewise, this season has been particularly uneventful in my opinion, yet, this episode Matthew Weiner really got the emotions flowing for me, the person who laughs at people who cry during Titanic and Ladder 49 (okay, maybe I shed a single tear when I watched that movie). This episode was all about the ladies, Joan, Peggy, (a little bit of) Megan, and mentions of other leading ladies such as Cleopatra, Lady Godiva, and Helen of Troy. Mad Men? This featured Mad / Disgruntled / Slighted / Sad Women.

Lets start with Joan. In my humble opinion, she’s always been the HBIC (Head Bitch In Charge – if you didn’t know that acronymn, then GTFO my blog. Kidding). She runs shit, despite her home life sucking majorly. I’ve always admired Joan, not because of her voluptuous assets, but because of her no nonsense, no bullshit attitude. Thats why I spent half of the episode gritting my teeth, glaring at my TV mumbling obscenities when I realized she’d sold her soul to the devil, to “land the account” with a greasy fat pig of a man. Oh Joan. I thought you were so wholesome (well, in more ways than one), but sex for a partnership and shares? I was particularly mad that Rodger Sterling didn’t come to her rescue. But I will tell you that my heart melted when Don attempted to save the day as “one of the good ones”. Oh Don. Which brings me to the next leading lady…

Peggy. What a dick move, Peggy. Getting a job with your mentors biggest rival. This whole Peggy thing left me emotionally traumatized. First, I was angry for her choice to leave… standing up on my couch yelling at the flatscreen “You dumb bitch! You are so ungrateful, I can’t believe you have the audacity to do this!!”. All she had to do was wait it out and demand a raise, tell Ginsberg to fuck off, and then assume the 2nd HBIC position at Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce. But no, she had to go off, and be a cunt. So much for loyalty. But then, when she tells Don her decision, I couldn’t help but cry. And by cry, I don’t mean shed tears (something inside me makes it humanly impossible to shed tears when its necessary). I mean, sadly sit in exasperation while Don kisses Peggys hand goodbye. Weiner, you manipulative son of a bitch, you got me there. I got emotional. Oh Don. (Also, did anyone think when Peggy left SCDP on the elevator, she was going to step into the empty vortex elevator they showed a few episodes ago? WTF. Was that still part of the LSD trip and I didn’t realize it? Whatever)

Speaking of Don, everyone needs to give him a break. Here he is trying to be the good guy, and all of these bitches are giving him a hard time. I thought I was being emotionally jostled around, poor Don Draper. First, your wife is being completely high maintenance at home, and work has been crazy. When you finally land the account and you think you convince your coworker to not sell her body in order to land said account, you only find out that coworker has in fact did the dirty. To top it all off your bestie (pretty much) and protege at work is peacing out on you to work for your rival. Poor, poor Don! I don’t have much to say about Megan except for the fact that I hate how gorgeous she can look even wearing an asparagus green nightie. UGH.

My opinions of the characters after this episode summarized:

  • Don Draper – Swoon. Drool. Sorry, what?
  • Rodger Sterling / Bert Cooper – I expected more from you scumbags.
  • Layne Pryce – Was there such thing as sexual harassment charges? Hes like the creepy uncle you can’t get rid of.
  • Peggy – Who. Do. You. Think. You. Are. Leaving. And. Shit.
  • Joan – Dubbed forever as the scarlet letter from now on. Pretty Woman much?
  • Megan – Ugh, I don’t understand why she needs to work.
  • Pete – WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS how much I’d enjoy throwing feces at Pete, and vomitting on his face from being so disgusted by dealing with feces.
  • Betty – The more Betty appears in an episode is inversely proportional to the quality of the episode.
  • Ginsberg – Can I slap you across your face?

To conclude, this episode was an emotional fucking rollercoaster. I almost mistook this to be the season finale. Oh Joan, Oh Peggy, Oh Megan, Oh Don. Dreamy Don Draper, with the fucked up world around him.


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