Fit For A Queen

Queen's Diamond Jubilee “The lessons from the peace process are clear; whatever life throws at us, our individual responses will be all the stronger for working together and sharing the load.” – Queen Elizabeth II

Despite the fact that I am not British, I still watched the footage of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Parade on the Thames last weekend. Not only to see cute, adorable, Queen Elizabeth II celebrate her six decades on the throne… but I just HAD to watch to see what Kate Middleton was wearing. But seriously, I have this weird obsession with the Queen. She seems like such a spunky, sassy woman… I picture her dancing around Buckingham Palace whilst listening to Nicki Minaj (“I’m a be a queen no matter how the shuffle, skirts with the ruffle, Louis on the duffle. I’m a bad bitch no muzzle”). I mean that’s what I would do. Which led me to think, I could possibly be a good Queen.

Who else parties as hard as the queen? No one. For her Jubilee, the whole mother fucking country gets 2 days off of work. A national holiday! She gets parades and shit, and gets to wave from her awesome boat (“I’m on a boat, bitch!”). Shits good. Reason #1 Why I’d Be A Good Royal: I would love to be in giant parades celebrating me, and give the nation days off, in MY honor. Your welcome Britain. Another reason why she is a badass, her adorable fashion. As David Blasberg put it, “She’s stodgy, extremely petite and has absolutely no sex appeal, but I undoubtedly think the Queen of England is a style icon”. This adorable little woman rocks her colored stately ensembles just as good old, Hillary Clinton rocks her pantsuits. I wanted to find a few pictures to post of her little skirt suit in multiple colors, but instead, I found this little gem, which was made to honor the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

For queen elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee, celebrating 60 years of her reign over england, advertising agency leo burnett london and pantone have developed a numbered shade guide to her majesty’s most memorable choices of color for her stately ensembles. the creative companies have collaborated in order to assemble a limited edition pigment manual picturing the queen’s six decades on the british throne. leatrice eiseman, the executive director of the pantone colour institute reflects upon her majesty’s notable shade selections, including ‘pantone 13-0755 primrose yellow’ of queen elizabeth II’s outfit worn in april of 2011 to the wedding of her grandson, prince william to kate middleton or ‘pantone 13-4411 crystal blue’ for which eiseman notes, ‘blue is a colour staple in the queen’s wardrobe, it’s a colour that communicates constancy and it is also symbolic of her devotion to the british people. blues traditionally have calming properties and she is often seen wearing them during difficult times…’.

PURE BRILLIANCE. Dammit you Brits and youre amazing sense of humor. Well done. Unfortunately, I found through further investigation that this is extremely limited edition. Meaning they probably only made about 60 of these things. Reason #2 Why I’d Be A Good Royal: I like wearing the color blue, and for the most part, I’m open to wearing complete colored ensembles.

But honestly, I really love this woman. As my infatuated continued, I came across a Us Weekly tweet, asking readers to vote on a “Who Wore it Best”: Kim Kardashian or Kate Middleton. 

Why is this even a question?! Of course, both are extremely stunning. But lets be honest here, you can’t compare a Mercedes (Middleton) to a Kia (Kardashian). Reason #3 Why I’d Be A Good Royal: I sincerely believe that my off spring, and my off springs off spring will be very good looking and attractive. I mean, they better. That being said, my inlaws will be as attractive as Kate as well. Oh, and Reason #4 Why I’d Be A Good Royal: Prince Harry and I belong together. Obviously. And my parents always said I’m a princess… and that I should marry rich. Problem solved.

Anyways, enough of my rambling.

Long live the Queen!

Reason #5 Why I’d Be A Good Royal: I’m classy as fuck. Duh.


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