Outside Lands 2012

hella heads

So it’s Monday, and I’m currently nursing a Outside Lands hangover. For those of you who don’t know, Outside Lands is a 3 day music festival in San Francisco’s (No, not Frisco, or San Fran… its San Fran-fucking-cisco) Golden Gate Park. Headliners this years included Beck, Foo Fighters, Stevie Wonder, Jack White, Alabama Shakes, Franz Ferdinand, Metallica, Justice, Neil Young, Passion Pit, etc… very much comparable to the likes of Lollapalooza or Coachella. Despite the fact that most of San Francisco was about 60 degrees all weekend, Golden Gate Park, which is perpetually covered in a blanket of motherfucking fog, it was about negative degrees fahrenheit in my book. That not only separated the local San Franciscans (who came prepared and appropriately dressed) from the out of towners (who were dressed for the desert heat of Coachella), but also made for interesting music festival fashion.

Outfit Fashion
seemingly effortless hiptastic fashion

I’ve concluded that at music festivals there are two types of people:

1) The people that spent far too long and tried too hard to look like their outfit is effortless. I’m totally allowed to make fun of these people because I constantly find myself under this category. Girls will have purposefully disheveled hair, and meticulously placed strands of hair with a headband that looks all to casual, yet probably was about $30 at Free People. They probably spent about 20 minutes in the mirror trying to find the best off shoulder top which truly accentuated their collarbones, as well as another 10 minutes picking the right maxi skirt that hangs perfectly on the hips. Their outfit says “I spent hours picking this out and getting ready, but doesn’t it look like I threw it on in a rush super casual and shit?” Despite the fact that she’ll be wearing her aviators to hide her bloodshot eyes from smoking too much weed, she’ll still spend another 20 minutes perfecting her eye makeup. Guys on the other hand have less dilemmas to deal with… but that doesn’t mean its all the more easier for them. Its quite the challenge picking which bro tank compliments their neon shorts. You’d be suprised. 2) The people that simply don’t care at all. These are the coolest people by far. Their Doc Martens are probably vintage, and there’s a good chance that they’re wearing the same pants from last night… but who cares? They look kickass, and hardly have to try at it, so that’s all that matters really. Their hippie-like, unwashed, stringy hair suprisingly looks somewhat stylish, despite the fact that its just bedhead/caked with sweat. These people can also pull off the big ass, John Lennon inspired, rounded sunglasses, that would make anyone else look like they belong in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. The guys on the other hand can be spotted wearing MC Hammer pants, pajama pants, a band T-shirt, possibly velcro Teva spandals, a vintage snap back, or any other piece of clothing coming from a $5 bin in a thrift store on Haight street. Also included in this category are the Original Hippies of SF which can be found on the hills of the outskirts of the stages, dancing like no one’s watching (oh, but they are), and swaying mindlessly. These people don’t care as much about what they look like than getting to see their favorite bands and smoking copious amounts of marijuana, eating edibles, and finding the best munchies. Everyone wants to be these people’s best friend. There also a third category that exists in music festival fashions the people that didn’t make any effort at all to dress up… or any effort in life for that matter. Need an example for this one? Just YouTube ‘Ultra Girl’… actually don’t, I’ll save your eyes. Three words: Hot. Fucking. Mess.

Outside Lands 2012
Norah Jones, Outside Lands 2012

The music, as always, was incredible. A few thoughts on a few of the acts we saw at Outside Lands.

Zola Jesus. Artist I most want to have as my spirit animal.

Alabama Shakes. The band that if you haven’t heard their music before, you really, absofuckinglutely need to right now. NOW. The lead singer is sassy as fuck too.

Norah Jones. Wait what? When did she become popular amongst males 20-25?

fun. Never judge a band by their hit single. They’re so much more than that. And really, really, fun.

Santigold. I aspire to dance like her  and her backup dancers. Biggest dance party aside from Skrillex.

Ultimately the weekend was a huge success. The music was superb, the people were awesome, the environment was to die for, and the munchies were fantastic (Bahn Mi sandwiches, funnel cakes, Karas cupcakes, galore).


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