12 Epiphanies from Summer 2012

The season of summer has not ended yet, but the fact that I find myself packing back up to head back to New York City (YAY!) to start school in September (Meh), basically means that my summer is essentially over. SO, in honor of the end of my summer, I put together an non-comprehensive list of the lessons, realizations, thoughts, what have you, that I have gleaned from this summer.

  • The Summer Olympics only happens every four years due to overstimulation. Duh. First of all, both the opening and closing ceremonies were likened to being on an LSD trip. It was weird, and it made me feel uncomfortable, yet super artsy and creative and interesting. Second of all, the world needs four years to forget put aside their countries’ heartthrobs (Read: Tom Daley, Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, Jake Dalton etc), and prepare their libido for the next fresh, young batch.
  • No man will ever break my heart and play with my emotions the way the 40 men on the SF Giants team have. Pablo being injured, then playing, then injured again, the whole Melky Cabrera scandal, Tim Lincecum not pitching his finest season, they know how to add insult to injury. Its been an emotional roller coaster thus far in the season, but I’m no fair weather fan..
  • I’m pretty good at picking people’s spirit animals. Just ask my coworkers. They, on the other hand, suck at it. Apparently I am a llama, because seemingly I am sweet, but upon further inspection I spit at people. Well, perhaps this is true. Spitting in the figurative way.
  • Likewise, my whole pool staff and co-workers and boss think I need to keep my pants on. In conversation my boss called me a “horndog”, and when my coworkers and staff evaluated my strengths and weaknesses, one person said my weaknesses were “firemen” (I thourougly appreciated that one, since, we all know I have no weaknesses. Joke).
  • Firemen. Firemen are my weakness. And baseball players. And well dressed men. And Olympians. And European men. Especially the French. And the Spanish. I guess you can say I’m indiscriminate in my tastes.
  • The unspoken dress code is obviously so much more incredibly lax than in the city. Here I can get away with wearing sweats all day, whereas in NYC I would undoubtedly be mistaken for a homeless person. Here there is such thing as being over dressed. In the city, there is no such thing as being overdressed.
  • Working at a pool is by far, the BEST birth control… EVER. Worried about teen pregnancy? Send your kid to work at my pool, your worries are gone. I don’t know what it is, swimming pools must bring out the worst in children or something.
  • Having visited and seen the elegant beauties of Yacht Club de Monaco, and the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, its safe to say I’ve seen some of the finest yachts and cars in the world. It was quite impressive. Have you ever seen a red carpet for a car? I did, it was a bit weird. But lets be honest, these toys are a serious overcompensation for something lacking in these men. However, I wouldn’t mind having my own yacht/fancy car one day.
  • I am the daughter of a lush. Therefore, this summer, drinking with my mother has been exquisitely divine. Getting drunk before/during/after dinners, during the day, before bed, in the morning, etc. Except that one time my best friend had to essentially haul/carry my mom and I around on Fourth of July due to a case of too many deadly sangrias. I love you Malia.
  • Speaking of my best friend, its always good to know that a friendship that has lasted for 15 years will always be there, despite the distance.No matter how much time we spend apart, or don’t get a chance to talk to each other, nothing ever changes. Thanks for being my BFFFL!

    BFFFL backpack.
  • Summertime requires a significant amount of work. Shaving your legs, making sure your thighs aren’t too flabby in shorts, that your swimsuit fits appropriately, applying sunscreen hour after hour, being hot, being sweaty, getting sand everywhere, getting grass everywhere, having to blast air conditioning in your car, sweating, finding shade… honestly, the list can go on. Summertime in California is reeeeeeeeeeeal tough.
  • I have heard, through word of mouth, and view numbers on my blog, etc. that a lot of you guys actually read my blog world wide!  I am ecstatic about this, considering I couldn’t simply imagine my rantings and thoughts being of interest to anyone else (Special shout out to Liz & Tori Emery who are not only lovely readers, but the ultimate purveyors of all things classy and sassy!). Or perhaps its just my excessive, obnxious spamming on Facebook and Twitter that bring you guys here. But in all seriousness though, I appreciate it! Please, feel free to say hello, comment, share your thoughts, etc. I love feedback, and I quite possibly love you!


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  1. Fab post! Good luck with the move 🙂

  2. Good read, although your usually more entertainingly funny in these.

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