Things To Be Thankful For

I probably haven’t had a traditional Thanksgiving for a few years now. While I must admit, I do miss having a home cooked, multi course, dinner with my whole family in California where I can lay on the couch after dinner, unbutton my pants, and watch the Harry Potter marathon, some things will always remain the same. No matter what, my family – my mom, dad and sister – and I always are together for Thanksgiving, whether we’re at home, San Diego, or this year in New York. We may not have a home cooked dinner – last year we had a buffet style Thanksgiving dinner at a hotel in SoCal, and this year we’ll be having dinner at the Time Warner Building’s Porter House – but the food is always the best. Most of all, despite where we are, or who decides to join our family for dinner, the conversation is always good, and its always a great time. THANKSgiving is obviously the time where we reflect upon what we have and are grateful for.

Thanksgiving 2012: Try Not To Eat As Much So As To Resemble Parade Balloons

Family*. Being with the people I love and care about is not only a privilege but something I am very thankful for. Typically I spend my holidays with my parents, sister, aunt, uncle and cousins. We’re a tight knit family. I’ve denoted the asterisk because as many of you do as well, I think the word “family” is much more inclusive. When I think of family, I automatically include my best friends, close friends and family friends. Essentially the people I love and care about and the people who love and care about me.

“Home is where the heart is”… If by “heart” you mean alcohol.

A roof over my head. Of course I bitch about my living situation all the time. Its dirty. Theres honking outside. The heater doesn’t work. The air conditioning doesn’t work. There are probably dead rats fermenting in the walls. The garbage chute stinks. Theres probably mold in the bathroom. Theres not enough counter space. Okay, its not that bad at all actually. I’m just dramatic. The list goes on and on. I will probably continue to bitch and moan. But the fact of the matter is, at the end of the day, I have a warm, snuggly, lovely place to live and I am very fortunate. During Hurricane Sandy when we were forced to evacuate our building, I realized that I take having warm, running water, electricity, heat, and my own place, for granted.

A sense of humor. You cannot get by in life without a sense of humor. I repeat: you cannot get by in life without a sense of humor. Sometimes I’ll be in public, and either say something really awkward and weird or funny to a stranger. The way they respond tells exactly what type of a person they are: A) They’ll think I’m hilarious and we’ll instantly become best friends. These people are the cool optimists in life. Can’t live without them. B) They’ll humor me. But call me out on being a freak. These people are the realists in life. Again, can’t live without them. C) They’ll scoff at me, ignore me, or look at me in complete disgust. These are the pessimists / people with sticks up their asses. These people, you can live without. In fact, I highly suggest you do so, or else they will bring you down. A sense of humor can help you in a variety of situations, crises, awkward moments, and it builds personality. Don’t have one? Get one.

Food. Duh. Thanksgiving is all about gaining 10lbs   eating delicious foods. Sweet potatoes, turkey, stuffing, pie, CRANBERRY SAUCE. Food is the fucking shit. Thanksgiving food, in particular is the So with that, I leave you with a video of the purveyor of all things delicious/fattening/BUTTER… Paula Deen. Please watch it, I promise you will NOT regret it. Seriously, you won’t.


There are very little / no other times we have as a culture where we devote a time to give thanks for what we have. Whether you’re religious / spiritual or not, I think that its always important to take time every so often to be aware of what you have, and be grateful for it. We don’t do it enough. I certainly don’t. So I urge you, and I’m challenging myself – to at least once a week, think of one thing you are thankful for, no matter how little.



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  1. I’m thankful that Paula Deen is alive to make me feel good about my own eating habits.

  2. Seriously!!! Thank the lord for Paula Deen

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