NYC vs. CA: A Love Triangle*

Screen Shot 2012-12-09 at 12.30.37 AMThe day had finally come. M rolled over in bed to look out the window. She sighed. It was grey and cloudy outside and rain was looming over the city. Typical. She rolled her eyes and flopped back onto her pillow. Closing her eyes she thought, by tonight I will be back with California, as she reminisced over the sun filled, happy days they spent together. California was warm, optimistic and always welcomed her back with its warm embrace. California was safe.

As she started to get out of bed she watched New York in its peaceful slumber. New York on the other hand was cold, and made her both confused and excited at the same time. New York showed her highs and the depths of her lows. Just like the LCD Soundsystem song,

New York I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down

The unpredictable part of New York was something M both loved and hated about it. California, on the other hand, was always there… Dependable. It wasn’t to say that she took California for granted. Absolutely not. When New York showed her its worse with its bipolar weather and exhausting her day after day, M longed to be back in the warm embrace of California. It was natural. After all, she had been with California for most of her life. She knew California like the back of her hand. New York, she still had to get used to.

Screen Shot 2012-12-09 at 12.31.54 AMShe and New York had only been together for about two years, but it seemed like a lifetime. They adjusted quickly to each other, making it easy for M to fall in love with New York. How could you not? Everyone that met New York loved it. People who hadn’t, longed to meet it. Some even aspired, dreamt, to be with it one day. And here M was, she had New York. But she wondered, was this relationship sustainable? Would it last? Could it last? Their time together had been, in fact, short. However, M felt as if New York was the new true love … even though she never envisioned anything being as important to her as California was. Their relationship was exciting… every day she’d learn something new about New York, she was constantly learning more … about herself and even about others. That’s the thing about New York… it kept her on her toes.

California made her happy. New York made her feel alive.

Maybe she’d never belong to either of them.

*as expressed through instagrams & ironic/nostalgic prose.

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