Proposals for New Years Resolutions

Perfect for the Wine-O on the go! My New Years Resolution: Drink less...  HA who am I kidding?!
Perfect for the Wine-O on the go! My New Years Resolution: Drink less… HA who am I kidding?!

I am an honest person. This is an honest blog. I would never lie to you or myself, for that matter. That being said, my New Years Resolutions are not full of unattainable bullshit I have no desire of actually doing. I will not vow to go to the gym every day or lose 10 lbs by December 2013 or will I resolve to eat healthier because truth is, it aint happening. So instead, I’ve decided on a few, pretty attainable resolutions for 2013. By New Years Resolution, read: my sad attempt at being a better person, but what does it matter anyways. Will I forget them? Probably. Most likely. Absolutely.

  • Lessen dependency on social media. I’m clearly addicted. Has a 12 step program been invented yet? It certainly doesn’t help when you’re majoring in media, culture and communication and minoring in web development… you’re essentially surrounded by the Internet. It’s kind of inescapable. Often I find myself turning into a zombie, just staring at my Facebook newsfeed full of the unimportant things people I don’t care much about are saying. Then 2 hours later I realize, What the fuck am I doing? I couldn’t give two shits about this person’s day. Just being honest. But seriously, I’m going to attempt to slowly outphase my addiction. Kind of like a baby weaning off the nipple.
  • Take school a little more seriously. Actually… take LIFE a little more seriously. I tend to make a joke out of everything. Clearly, it’s my coping mechanism and how I get by day to day.
  • Stop being a flake. This year I used too many excuses, “Sorry long day at work today”/”I have a paper due tomorrow”/I don’t feel like human intenraction right now, etc. when In actuality I’m in bed watching netflix, getting takeout, and eating infront of my computer whilst browsing Craigslit Missed Connections.
  • Be a nicer person. This includes working on my perpetual bitch face. This year I’m going to try to not wear my PBF 24/7. We will see how this goes. By nicer person I mean stop treating everyone as if they are just as miserable as I am. By nicer person I mean to acknowledge the people around me, rather than act as if they don’t exist. It’s a work in progress.
  • Show people I care. I’m terrible when it comes to expressing human emotion… or any kind of compassion / caring / love. This too will be a work in progress… we’ll start with getting used to getting and giving hugs without being awkward this year… I think that might be an attainable goal maybe?
  • Eat better. No, not healthier. Well, that’s in the works too. But eat better meaning it’s okay to TREAT YO SELF!
  • Give up on sleep completely. I’ve long accepted the fact that I’m an insomniac. What I have trouble accepting is that I can, in fact function on little to no sleep. I force myself to sleep sometimes, with the help of sleeping pills and melatonin. 2013, I vow to let sleep come naturally, if it happens, it happens. If not, it’s totally okay to be sleep deprived for months at a time. It’ll be fine. I’ve tapped out of this battle.
  • Spend less money. Live like I should be on the streets. Keyword to 2013 will be minimalism. HA. If you know me, you know this word is absolutely not in my vocabulary. But we’ll try at it. Try saving some dinero.
  • Swear less. Probably the biggest complaint about my writing, and about how I speak in general. “You swear too much”, “Did you just say that?” etc. It doesn’t phase me to be honest. I swear a shit ton. Did it ever occur to you people that maybe, just maybe, I’m naturally a crass and vulgar person? … Wait, who the fuck are we trying to kid here. This is not going to happen.

What is YOUR New Years Resolution for 2013?

I’m sure my blogposts throughout this coming year are bound to be evidence that I have been unsuccessful at my set attempts to be a better person this year.

Cheers to you 2012. It’s nice to call you over and done.


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