What Your Favorite Mad Men Character Says About You

[via nytimes.com]

Don Draper

You clearly think you are the business. He’s your favorite character because A) you think you’re like him, B) you want to be like him, or C) you just admire his overall bad-assery. You’re calm, cool, collected and creative. #WWDDD

Peggy Olson

You do you girl. That’s all that matters. You realize this, and you own it.

Pete Campbell

Seriously? You don’t exist. No one likes Pete Campbell. Except you. You’re probably spoiled and think you’re entitled to the world on a silver platter. You also were that kid in middle school who annoyingly had to one-up everyone no matter what it was. You can always spot the Pete Campbells of the world a mile away.


Betty Francis/Draper

Did someone say attention whore? Oh Fat Betty. You have a lot of emotional baggage, maybe daddy problems, which causes you to eat your feelings. Or, in my favorite scene of season 5, you often find yourself spraying whipped cream directly down your throat. Whatever it may be, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself.

[via amctv]

Joan Holloway

You are the HBIC (Head Bitch In Charge for all you YouCanKissMySass illiterates). You run shit. Beyonce’s song Girls  was made about you. Youre all business girlfriend and you want people to take you seriously because thats what you deserve!

Roger Sterling

What a silver foxxx, that Roger. Among your super heroes / idols are the Old Spice man, and of course Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World. You don’t care really and nothing really gets to you. Your favorite thing to do (besides fornicate with women half your age and LSD) is to be naked, naturally. No one can handle you.

Megan Calvet Draper

You live in your own little world, painfully oblivious of everything. Its okay though, the worlds a much better place that way. Ignorance is truly bliss.

Sally Draper

THE Sass Master. Sally is my personal favorite character on Mad Men. Emotionally, she’s a bit fucked up, but then again, who isn’t right? She’s mature beyond her years and girls got some attitude. You see the world for what it is, and don’t need sugar coating because, goddammit you’re a woman and you just want to wear white go go boots and makeup! Thank heavens I didn’t have a mother like Betty Draper to slap me and lock me in a closet when I mouthed back at her. Oh Sally Draper.

Sally being Sassy Sally, and January Jones giving me Betty Draper REALNESS.


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