How You Know You Went to Notre Dame

Often times I try to tell people about my high school experience, yet words don’t really seem to do it justice. Most people really don’t understand.

Most people getting ready for school…
You getting ready for another day at NDB…

Making the greasy, doughy cookies from the kitchen a selling point to prospective students. SO GOOD!

When you start describing AQUACADES and realize its useless to even try.

How you think you look performing at AQUACADES…

How you really look at AQUACADES… 

When your class wins an event at AQUACADES

Birkenstocks were your shoes of choice, or moccasins… with socks. Pick your poison.

When a male between the age of 15-30 entered the school and EVERYONE knew.

When your entire group of friends are all on their period at the same time.

Walking into Tri School classes with Serra boys.


When you realize that if you’d known The Great Gatsby was going to be a movie with Leo, Carrie, and Toby, you would have make a bigger deal of the Gatsby Ball.

Not caring what you looked like / how weird you acted.

When you can ask in the middle of class, “Does anyone have a tampon I could borrow?”

Traffic on Ralston.


You left room for the Holy Spirit.



When you make up a rivalry with another all girls Catholic school and call it the CATFIGHT.

Dingbat day means something to you.

Dressing up as Fruit of the Loom was cool. Thanks to Angela Scherba '08 for the picture.
Dressing up as Fruit of the Loom was cool. Thanks to Angela Scherba ’08 for the picture.

When someone says the other neighboring Catholic school girls are better than you.

“Wait, you actually shaved your legs?”

Formal uniform made you feel like you were wearing a straight jacket.


When a Serra boy dated a Mercy girl.


You have to love that NDB sisterhood. 

M.T. Class of 2010

*all GIFs from Tumblr unless otherwise noted.



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  1. In the words of Macklemore, this is fucking awesome.

  2. This is making the rounds with the NDB girls from class of 2001 and we love it! Great job! 🙂

  3. Hehehehe!!!! This goes for ANY year! Miss you!!!! Great job!!!! xoxoxo muahhhhhhh!

  4. Ranch burgers! This made me lol loved it!

  5. Can’t take it. Too funny.

  6. Other than the fact that we have carpeted walls….
    I’d say it’s on point, madtab.

  7. Reblogged this on astoldbykaitlyn and commented:
    I pretty much died at reading this. My high school will forever be one of the greatest weirdest decisions I have ever made. And I love going there, so, so, so, so much.

  8. I love Mensweardog!!!!!

  9. Haha oh Notre Dame! This page made my day!

  10. LOVE IT!!! I had forgotten so much of this! NDB 2000

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