Hottest Players in The MLB

I see you Matt Kemp. [via]
10. Matt Kemp: While it pains me to include an LA Dodger on this list, Matt Kemp has earned it. I mean he’s dated Bad Girl RiRi (before her Bad Girl stage), but we’re willing to look past this phase and focus on his pretty mug. BONUS POINTS: Just like most professional sports players, Kemp is committed to community service and helping out others. Recently after a Dodgers/Giants game, Kemp gave a fan battling cancer his jersey, hat, and shoes. 

Two balls and a strike? [via]
9. Jeff Francoeur: This KC Royals right fielder, nicknamed “Frenchy” is real easy on the eyes, and clearly has a sense of humor / is oblivious of his actions. He first set a few sparks off in his Rookie year with the ATL Braves, and since has gone from the Mets, where he left his buddy [#6] David Wright for Kansas City. Dat smile. I can’t. 

CJ even makes the men go crazy. [via angelswin.blogspot]
8. CJ Wilson: Shame on you if you didn’t know who CJ Wilson was before his Head and Shoulders commercial! Just saying, you’ve probably been living under a rock, since Wilson is one of the dominant, and hottest pitchers in the game. Oh, but he just got engaged to some supermodel Lisalla Montenegro earlier this month, so there’s that too. Whatever. What I wouldn’t do to sniff those beautiful locks.  

7. Cole Hamels: I really am not a fan of the Phillies pitching rotation, in fact, I loathe them. However, since Cole Hamels was called up in 2006, I’ve always kept an eye out. He’s married to some Survivor contestant, Heidi Strobel, who, to be honest, I always thought looked sickly. Hamels is known for his changeup, and his dark mane of hair.

Mr. Right [via]
6. David Wright: David Wright IS Mr. Right. I’m convinced. He currently holds just about every career record for the Mets, and was named the fourth team captain in Met’s history this year. His performance in the WBC was stellar against Puerto Rico, giving him the nickname ‘Captain America’, however being an All American doesn’t even begin to cover his amazingness. BONUS POINTS: In 2005 David Wright began the David Wright Organization to support multiple sclerosis and raise money for the cause. He also helps out at the Boys and Girls Clubs of America often.

I don’t know what it is about this Caballo Loco. [via tumblr]
5. Angel Pagan: You know I had to. Something about that Latin flare Pagan has going on.

[via yahoosports]
4. David Freese: St. Louis’ third baseman is definitely an eye catcher. I mean, outwardly hes a goofy white guy. However, once GQ got a hold of him this April, he transformed from Mr. Average to GQ worthy (which is kind of insulting because he’s actually a good looking guy). Regardless. the GQ transformation is perfection.

[via tumblr]
3. Huston Street: Also can’t really root for the Pads, but Huston Street I can totally get behind. I cried a little when he left the A’s, but what can you do, right? He also does this thing with his tongue when he pitches…

Model or MLB player? [via rumorsandrants]
2. Barry Zito: I feel like everyone is finally finding out how GREAT and how GOOD LOOKING Barry Zito is. As I’ve said countless times before in this blog, Barry’s been my boy since day one (even though he was dating Vanessa Minillo back in the day). His yoga doing, guitar strumming, beach bum is nothing short of amazing, I assure you. He’s also extremely laid back and often a bit quirky/ zoned out, earning him nicknames like “Captain Quirk” and “Planet Zito”. You know what? I’m totally fine with it. Let’s zen sometime, Zito.

[via tumblr]
1. Joe Mauer: Joe Mauer is a beast of a catcher for the Twins and is also in those Head & Shoulders commercials. What Head & Shoulders is doing to get these MLB guys behind them is beyond me. Anyways. Can you say lambchops? BONUS POINTS: He answers all of his fan mail with the help from his Mom. So endearing.

Honorable Mentions:

Alex Rios, Bryce Harper, Gabe Kapler



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  1. maybe I will start watching baseball?!

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