Reading Commercials

Every once in a while when I do watch TV (who am I kidding, it’s often), a commercial will really stand out to me. Be its irreverence, its quirkiness, aesthetic quality, whatever…  these commercials do the job of engaging viewers in positive or negative ways alike.

Samsung Smart TV Evolution Kit. 
As a consumer, this does nothing for me. I still don’t get what an Evolution Kit would do for my TV. It’s pretty funny, however, it overcompensates on that whole “evolving” gender roles thing. If I were a dude, I’d probably find this slightly offensive, if not stupid. Besides, who typically buys the home electronics (gender stereotype I know, but ask if I care)? The men.

University of Phoenix.
Alright University of Phoenix, we see you. As if you don’t spam everyone’s mailboxes and email with ads already. You’ve made it absolutely clear you’re a for profit school, so get out of everyones faces already. I’m not bad mouthing the education there, or saying anything about that. I’m talking to the recruitment / advertising and marketing efforts of the school. But let’s talk about this commercial. First of all, are alumni socks actually a thing? Serious question. I don’t know about this. Did UofPHX double check and make sure that red socks didnt mean something code for lewd conduct, like foot tapping was to Larry Craig? Maybe they should. I’m actually really concerned because if it weren’t for the upbeat music, I would think people wearing the red socks were soliciting something undercover for sure. Second of all, those are bright ass red socks, I wouldn’t feel obnoxious at all. But most importantly, EVERYONE IN THIS COMMERCIAL IS WEARING FLOODS! Clearly UofPHX alums don’t have the fashion sense to buy sensibly fitting pants… also why would you feature someone wearing fake Crocs in your commercial? I guess it doesn’t matter what you wear if youre doing your education online though.

Apple iPhone 5.
I love all things Apple, as does the majority of the first world. Apple commercials in particular are always my favorite because they’re quirky, clean, and straight forward. They also align with Steve Jobs’ / Apple’s ideology, “Think Different”. In 1984, when Apple first introduced the first ad for the Macintosh computer during the Superbowl, it was very Brave New World / Orwellian -esque and relied heavily on this motto. We saw how Apple used this phrase to their advantage, decades later in Justin Long’s Mac ads, etc too. I’m having trouble with this commercial though. Aesthetically, it is so Apple. However, essentially what the narration sums up to and what the commercial is saying is that basically EVERYONE has an iPhone now and is taking pictures with it, so you should too. This is a stark contrast to “thinking differently”, which really makes me go mehhh when I see this commercial.

Such a fan of cleverly placed semi-profanity. Kmart (props to DraftFCB) kills it with this. I’m impressed, because who knew a discount department store chain could be so tongue in cheek! I don’t give a s**t that it’s Kmart, this is brilliant. Also check out their “Ship My Pants” commercial too. I’m tired of lame commercials, or snarky commercials…  give me humor and profanity please.

Diet Dr. Pepper.
Loving all of these Diet Dr. Pepper “One of a Kind” ads. Especially this one because… well… because…. On the flipside, also in love with ManRepeller’s Diet Dr. Pepper ad too. But this… Add Dr. Pepper to the list of companies that know satire and comedy is key… especially when hot men are making fun of themselves.

Any commercials stand out to you lately?

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