5 Girl Things That We Should Stop Doing

But quit it, ladies. Seriously.

Travelling in packs.
Youre not Kanye, you don’t need to constantly have your clique with you. And if you do, you clearly need to learn how to be alone. You can use the bathroom by yourself. I assure you. I get if its for safety, but in any other case, youre just building your ego chicas. Also, let’s touch base on this woman wolfpack that we have going on when out. I get that you only want the approval of your inner circle and want them to validate if the guy whos been eyeing you across the bar is cute or not. However, at the end of the day, their opinion shouldn’t matter much. As the Isley Brothers once said, “It’s your thing, do what you wanna do”.
Also see: hens, hen fest.

Talking about how single you are.
No one cares. Like half of the general population is probably single… I mean, probably… right? We’re all in the same boat together. We should all just collectively decide to stop writing about it (I’m looking at all of you ThoughtCatalog-ers) and reading about being single, and quit the self-loathing. Because you should really love yourself… who else is going to? Ew, that wasn’t meant to be sentimental, I assure you. This goes back to being happy with being alone. Get over yourself, and own it.
Also see: irrelevant, forever alone. 

Going out of your way to look good for males.
In middle school / high school, girls would always gather together a few hours before an event to “get ready together” (precursor to college pregaming). What that meant was, a bunch of adolescents / teenagers, in one room, continuously saying, “What do you think [insert boys name here] would think of this?”, “If I wear this color, do you think [insert boys name here] will think I look good?”. Don’t lie. Ladies, you’ve experienced this in your life… Although I sincerely hope you have not experienced this dilemma particularly, in your twenty something life. But the same thing happens in your twenties, and your thirties. Ladies, do not dress for a guy(s). I see you girl, out there in your bandage skirts, push up bras, etc. Is it really that convenient for you? Unless youre truthfully one of those girls who really “feels naked without heels and a skintight dress” (actually, who actually exists like that?), you should wear what you want because you want to wear it, not because some male specimen might like it. ALSO, if you’re going to wear heels, KNOW HOW TO WALK IN THEM! I cannot stress this enough, and neither can the rest of the world. No one wants to see you hobble around like a newborn baby giraffe. It’s unbecoming and ugly. Get with ManRepelling: dress for yourself and no one else. Also, don’t cake on your face with makeup… all youre doing is setting some guy up for a RUDE awakening to when he wakes up to your un-done face and sees you’re actually a monster.
Also see: #tryingtoohard

Using the word “LITERALLY” indiscriminately.
The definition of literally: (adv) In a literal manner or sense; exactly: “the driver took it literally when asked to go straight over the traffic circle”.  

Urban Dictionary’s definition of literally (they totally catch my drift):   used to describe something that actually happens or exists. One of the most overused words in modern society. Not to be confused with figuratively, as this is the complete opposite, but is commonly confused with the word.
A: I literally died of embarrassment
B: Dude, you figuratively died of embarrassment, you illiterate asshole. 

Incorrect usage:
A: It was literally raining cats and dogs.
B: Really dipshit? How many scratches do you have?

Admittedly, I do this a lot. GUYS! I’m SO hungry I could literally eat a cow. No, no you cannot literally do that. I get it, we try to overcompensate with words like LITERALLY and BASICALLY, but in essence, we’re killing the english language. KILLING IT. And absolutely not in the good way. I’m literally so mad at him. Literally? That doesn’t really make sense. I’m literally 400 pounds. No, youre not literally 400 pounds, because no one is, and if they are, LIKE DAMN, WE’D KNOW IF YOU WERE 400 POUNDS! Amirite? But no, youre not literally 400 pounds. So stop saying LITERALLY when you don’t mean it!

Being hysterical / fanatic
Chill, ma. I don’t think I have ever seen men have the same level of fanaticism as I have seen the female sex have for the likes of Justin Beiber, One Direction, etc. Most of you are probably past your teenage years and thinking, EW, Justin Beiber? One Direction? But its all the same when you replace one heartthrob with another. Remember when Twilight came out and all of a sudden, cougar moms were TwiHards (Twi-whocares, I don’t even know) and crazy obsessed? It’s not even all about fanaticism. Ever been to a club and a song comes on and all of a sudden theres a squeal/scream at a decibel that is uncommon to the vast majority of people? Yeah, that’s over the top. It’s annoying, and quite frankly, there is no place for squealing if you are above the age of one year. Let’s not be lunatics, gals.
Also see: emotional outbursts


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