Summer in NYC vs. Summer in CA (GIFs Included)

It’s only June and people keep telling me I’m crazy for staying in New York City for the Summer. Why would you leave California? Youre crazy. The worst part I’m hearing… ITS GONNA GET WORSE. Thanks for that guys.


This is the most obvious difference between being in CA and NYC during the Summer. Both hit upwards of 90 degrees, which is really f*****g hot. California and the entire West Coast, however, have dry heat. In New York City there’s a little bitch called humidity. You walk outside of your apartment and you feel like you’ve been hit by a wall, the air is so dense. You give up on wearing makeup completely because you’ll just sweat it off walking the next block anyways. Going outside is the equivalent to stepping inside a YMCA steam room for 30minutes. It smells, its hot, its dense, and sometimes you’ll get flashed.


Some of my best California Summer memories consist of blasting Andre Nickatina or other Bay Area hyphy music in my Volkwagen Passat (despite the black leather seats, it was really an awesome car), while driving down El Camino or HWY-101. Refusing to turn my AC during the summer, even during 90-100 degree heatwaves, I’d make my friends cool off by hanging their heads out the window. New York City transportation, however, is much less glamorous… I mean, its actually kind of disgusting. If you aren’t cool and haven’t yet invested in CitiBike and need to get to another part of the city, you’re stuck going underground and taking the train. Which, in my case, consists of either running for the next train, or waiting 15minutes in the hot, smelly, constantly fermenting subway. But when the train comes, oh dear lord the air conditioning is glorious. You bask in the AC’d cars. Until some dude reaches for the hand rail above your head, putting his sweat soaked arm pit squarely in your face.


In California I’m typically by a pool all day. During the week, my swim suit attire is always on – even during lunch breaks I’ll go to the grocery store with nothing but a towel and flip flops. During the weekends, however, it’s a lot easier to be cute and fashionable than it is in NYC. My fashion choices here during the Summer prompt the question, “What will I sweat less in during the day?” or “Will back sweat be obvious in this?” etc. You get the picture. It’s more of dressing for convenience and looking sane. I would wear a linen pillow case over my whole body during the summer if it were acceptable, but the sanity part would be questioned.


This may be the one thing that NYC wins at. Rooftop bars, brunches, parties, pools, etc (although I’ve heard heat rises so even though you try to escape the heat you still go higher? Puzzled). Day drinking is more acceptable because youre just trying to “cool off” because it’s so godd****d hot, right? Right. I mean, California wins at this too… just, the drinking part helps cope with everything else in NYC.


Everyone leaves for Hamptons during the weekend in NYC. Do yourself a favor and find a nice, rich friend and tag along.


California has beaches and they’re beautiful, partially crowded, and the water is nice and frigid. NYC has beaches too, I guess, overrun by tourists and other NYCers who can’t afford to leave the 5 boroughs for the weekend.


Me in California during the Summer…

Me in NYC during the Summer… 

Running, and just missing the subway…

When I can smell someone’s B.O. in a tightly packed subway car…

Everyday in NYC…

Spotting someone wearing a jacket or sweatshirt…

Bringing a sweater to work because the A/C is on high in the building…

After work when happy hour is not a viable option and you decide to go home…

Summer Fridays at work!

Imbibing because youre “dehydrated” and need to cool down…

When you have no idea whether what  just dripped on you was AC fluid or a mysterious liquid…

Getting home and standing in front of your air conditioning unit…

When a venue, restaurant, or bar doesn’t have A/C…

So someone tell me again why I’m spending the Summer in NYC?


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