The Royal Baby & The Media

Here’s to hoping for a full head of hair better than Daddy’s! [via]
If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past 48 hours, then you know that the royal babe of Kate Middleton and Prince William was born. My first question is, how does Baby Cambridge’s birth rank among the births of other famous babies as of late? Baby North West? Blue Ivy? Will the baby boy be a stylish male counter part to Suri Cruise? More importantly, at what point do British babies develop that British accent? Inquiring minds want to know. The world is excited for this royal babe. Even more stunning than Pippa Middleton (what a fantastic aunt to have! RIGHT?!) in an Alexander McQueen satin dress, was Kate Middleton who looked ravishing in a powder blue and white polka dot dress after stepping out with the babe and baby just a day after giving birth. Let me emphasize that it was less than 24 hours ago that Kate popped out a 8 pound, 6 ouncer, and still looks fantastic. But it’s Kate Middleton, whos married to Prince William… so we really shouldn’t be surprised, right? I suspect that if the time comes I decide to pop out an offspring of my own, I will fully take advantage of the weight gain, lay in bed for days and milk it (figuratively, and possibly the said offspring) for awhile. The excuse, “I just had a baby” would probably be invoked for about… 10 months after that. Am I right?

What I’m loving about this royal baby, is that the Brits know how to be CLASSY. Something Americans need to still read up on. Tabloids and internet articles are plastered with pictures of “pregnant celebrity bikini bodies!” Don’t get me wrong. The body is a beautiful thing, and nothing’s wrong with a pregnant body either. But a bit of discretion should be applied. I don’t know about you, but I do NOT want to see Snooki frolicking on a beach, looking like she could fall frontward any minute with her watermelon baby stomach. Also, maybe its really a trend, or just a thing that was on an episode of Sex and the City (most likely the latter)but pregger Moms taking nude pictures to be hung in their homes. Dear baby Jesus, have we no decency anymore?! Has Miley Cyrus stripped us of all humanity? What I’m saying here is, you didn’t see Kate Middleton prancing about scantily clad during her pregnancy. That’s because those Brits know how to be classy. And they drink tea.

While the hubbub around the royal baby has been fun and exciting to some extent, I’m wondering why do we even care?

Let me start off by saying that while I am cynical, I also partake in the fanaticism over the “royals”. A lot of Americans are going apeshit over the royal baby. Like a pre pubescent girl wets her pants over One Direction. And it’s hard for me to understand. Is this baby going to solve America’s problems? The world’s problems? The UK’s problems? Unlikely. We’re a whole ocean away from this monarchy and it’s new member that its interesting how relevant it remains. I know we’re in love with the royal couple, but we too have our own royal couple in Michelle and Barack Obama to hold dearly in our hearts like the nostalgic wrecks we are. As a society, I think we like to focus our fanaticism and find something we can be half heartedly excited about. Politics are too partisan, so everyone can’t get too excited about that. Celebrities are as volatile as Walter White’s meth lab, so that too is sketchy to get overly excited about. Sports, we can get excited about, but different teams lead to divisiveness. What the royal family, and now the royal baby, offer Americans is non-partisan, un-American political celebrities we can affix ourselves to. They’re like celebrities, except they have to hold themselves to some kind of standard (which in the British monarchy, as Jimmy McMillan would say, “is too damn high!”).  Maybe this is why we’ve been obsessed with the royal wedding, the royal baby, etc.

Along with the excitement of this event comes media coverage from all around the world. As I’ve combed through articles about the Royal Baby – because how could you not when your Twitter timeline has been populated with every other Tweet mentioning the Royal Baby… I’ve noticed a small underlying theme in a few articles. Some media outlets, mostly U.K. based, applaud and congratulate Kate for “pulling off” / giving birth to a son.

This is how brilliant a royal Kate is. There are women throughout British Royal Family history who have panicked over not being able to deliver a boy and here we are. Kate did it—first time. 

-CNN’s Victoria Arbitrer 

Now, now. While Kate is THE Princess, we’re not talking about Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons here who went through a whole ordeal to birth her offspring. You give birth, and you give birth. It’s a toss up with all of those X chromosomes and eggs and etc. that I highly doubt Kate had much say in whether the baby would be a boy or a girl. Even if it was a girl, WHATS THE BIG PROBLEM? As far as I’ve read, despite the sex, the royal baby would still be able to succeed the crown. Something about the remarks of the CNN correspondent really hit a chord with me. Succession clearly isn’t an issue here in terms of gender (not that big of an issue anyway). So why are people still saying moronic things, like how great Kate Middleton is for “pulling off” having a boy rather than a girl? You would think we’re in the times of King Henry VIII. This patriarchal hierarchy that sadly still exists today is frightening because the ideas of it are so subconscious and subliminal that we hardly realize what we do and say is actually a problem. If female news casters are sending out the message that boys are better than girls, what are we supposed to think? Leave it to the media to spoil a good time with off color remarks. Often media misrepresents females, to learn more about this and how women are portrayed in the media, look over this information, or go to directly.



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  1. Victoria Arbiter July 30, 2013 — 22:22

    Sadly my comment was misconstrued by one person who in turn rather than looking at the context or researching my work jumped to a conclusion that couldn’t have been further from the truth. As a result people jumped all over the story, again without looking at historical context, significance or indeed the countless hours of commentary I did aside of a 10 second clip that she decided to run with. From the moment Kate’s pregnancy was announced I have strongly promoted the changes in the laws to succession and in turn expressed my desire for the couple to have a girl first given the impact it would make on social change and progression. For the first time in history it didn’t matter what gender the baby was and yet what did she have? A boy. Ironic, no? Obviously modern medicine tells us that it is the man who is responsible for the gender but try telling that to Henry VIII who tossed Catherine of Aragon aside and beheaded Anne for among other things not giving him a male heir. In this video clip you will see that I have strongly championed a girl and it is unfortunate that no-one bothered to find out my stance before passing judgment. Start 14:50

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