Trending Now: The 10 Best #DarkBuzzfeed Tweets

Just incase you haven’t turned your Internet on today, Twitter’s top trending hashtag as of late is #DarkBuzzfeed. Whether the people behind BuzzFeed are behind it or not, is unbeknownst to me (many are participating in the frenzy). Either way, there are some gems in there. The Twitter feed is starting to get a little out of hand, however, so I thought I’d salvage what I could and pick my top 10.

**looks around desk to survey passerbys, thinks, ‘define “dead end”‘***

This is a great one here. The fact that IT IS A REAL THING (check the linkage dude), makes it even better. YESSS.

This makes me sad. Very sad.

Just wait for it. 10 Reasons Why Being Raciallly Ambiguous is AWESOME! Coming soon.

What makes this exceptionally “Dark” is that I had a teacher in high school who legitimately was convinced people could spy on you through your Mac’s webcam.

This is the sad truth. And doesn’t only apply to teens. Longform has fallen by the wayside (sad face crying emoji).

This just doesn’t happen.

This is terrible. I know. BUT ITS SO BAD ITS GREAT.

I mean, I’ve never eaten a meal inside my tub. But like, its up my alley.

The only reason why this is “sad” and #dark is because everyone probably has their own list.



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