There is No Snack Room at GQ & Other Things GIRLS Got Wrong

Don’t get me wrong, I love Lena Dunham and I especially love GIRLS, especially this season. However, this episode (season 3, episode 6) particularly irked me. I don’t know. Maybe I’m jaded. But for starters….


Take my word for it. I worked at GQ for months and the only free edible thing I got was a fifth of Svedka Tangerine Vodka that was left over from a party. I still haven’t even drank it yet because Svedka vodka is repulsive (so if you want it, just let me know). I can’t say I ever saw donuts, finger sandwiches or bagels/lox from Russ & Daughters (because if I did I probably would have gained 20lbs from R&D bagels alone by now). I think I can say I’ve only consumed one thing inside the GQ office – a small pack of Twizzlers I ate because I thought I was going to pass out from not having brought a lunch (because I never do) or eating breakfast. Besides, Conde Nast has an exquisite cafeteria where you can brush shoulders with fashion editors while you chew on your leafy green of your choosing (be it kale, butter lettuce, or spinach). Just kidding. They have quite the spread. BUT SERIOUSLY LENA DUNHAM? WOULD YOU REALLY THINK GQ WOULD STOCK THEIR OFFICES WITH PLETHORAS OF FOOD?! LET ALONE SUN CHIPS?! What are you, from the Midwest or something? Conde Nast publications like their employees starving for more… pun intended(?). Which leads me to my next point…



I don’t know about corporate Hannah. I really don’t. If I ever worked with a person like Hannah Horvath I would obviously assume they were raised by wolves. Lollipop sucking in the office? Phone chats across cubicles? PUBLICLY CRYING AT WORK?! SOAKING ONES HEAD UNDER BATHROOM SINK?! It literally pains me. Okay, shamelessly we would all like to smuggle the free goodies, Nature Valley granola bars, beef jerky and sun chips home, but damn girl you got some people to impress so start acting like it. In my mind, and my alter ego wishes I could act like Hannah and seriously not give a fuck but for real that is not an accurate portrayal.


We get it, you’re a Brooklyn hipster who is trying to be so flippant with life and carefree and obviously un-self conscious that you end up being incredibly self-conscious. Sometimes things like insurance, job security and practicality win out over trying to be a “writer-writer”. Girl, you gotta put in the time before you get to your goddamn Pulitzer. The part that irked me the most of the episode is Hannah’s little rant about being a

“writer writer, not, like, a corporate advertising, working-for-the-man kind of writer.”

Oh god. When you’re struggling to pay rent and you’re bitching at your boyfriend to get a job, you should probably shut your mouth and deal with your helluva advertorial job because nothing wrong with that. So long as you’re making money. This also might be the very unreal part of GIRLS, seeing as that everybody in NYC is grinding and working to get by. No one has a plush job and complains about it because they’re not a fucking “writer-writer“. Also, no one is going to feel sorry for you either. Which leads me to the next point…



CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE JENNA LYONS CAMEO?! This was so right… so, so, so, right. God I love that woman. But seriously, if someone, ie. your boss tells you you’re killing it at work and your peers compliment the shit out of you, you don’t insult their professions and tell them you’re unsatisfied. YOU SUCK IT UP GIRLFRIEND AND YOU KEEP KILLING IT. Also, you never quit on Jenna Lyons. That is a rule. Also, if you do quit on Jenna Lyons you should just walk away full of embarrassment because no one in their right mind does that. You don’t bitch about being overqualified. You don’t bitch about a job being too corporate when there are thousands vying for your job. But more about Jenna Lyons. Apparently Hannah learns to deal / sucks it the fuck up because Jenna Lyons is set to be on the show for a few more episodes!

Other things completely wrong? Shoshanna laying down the law while getting laid… Ray + Marnie? Weird. In any case, the final scene of the show where Hannah comes home from work, mind set on writing for a few hours before going to bed, but ends up sleeping, was completely relatable. We all have those moments where we attempt to be productive and do work, only to fall asleep.  Might be the one thing GIRLS got right this week. That and Jenna Lyons of course.



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  1. Hate the show but watched the part with Jenna. LOVED.

  2. But Lena really nailed it when she portrayed what happens to so many aspiring creatives who move to New York. I moved here 20 years ago to be the next (male) Annie Leibovitz editorial portrait photorapher but after a year of the feast or (mostly) famine lifestyle of freelance assisting, I threw in the towel and got a desk job as an editor, where I remain (addicted to the security, 401K and insurance) lo these many eons later. Occasionally I shoot personal work but I just don’t have the energy.

    New York chews most creative types up and spits them up and the truth is most people who move here to be creative end up in boring jobs because just “living in New York” takes priority over “moving to NY to be creative.” I thought it was hilarious and accurate how all of her co-workers NO LONGER did personal work outside their corporate gig. Few people have the discipline and focus (which – hey – is probably why we didn’t persevere in the first place – that and total lack of a trust fund, sugard daddy or off-the-charts talent). I think that was her point, especially as Hannah nodded off to sleep on the couch after promising herself two hours of writing time at home that night.

    I agree Hannah is ridiculous – she’s a caricature for our enjoyment of her foibles on TV. But that scenario where all the writers give up following a personal vision to do what pays the rent? Totally on the money. Literally.

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