What Trying To Find A Job Is Like

Wow! I’m so excited! I just graduated college, I have so much experience! I can’t wait to be a real person with a real job!

It’ll be fantastic – I’ll have money to spend! Monies everywhere! Gee, I’m so excited for my bank account!

It’ll be great! I can “work” from home and send in gazillion applications from the comfort of my own bed/couch.

Things are looking up for awhile. That is, until you haven’t heard back from employers and stop receiving replies to your emails…

You realize you have to find ways to fill up your long and empty days…

You consider taking up a hobby…

You start questioning your career choice, your major, your credentials… your life.

Maybe you start to go crazy…

But people – your family, your friends – start asking you how the job search is going… and you get nervous… like really fucking nervous.

Maybe you start eating your feelings…

Everything is just a struggle now a days.

But you get by with some help from your friends and family…

And some liquid encouragement…

And you’re in the clear to keep on keepin on. Because eventually you will find a job, so might as well enjoy the funemployed life… right?



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  1. Yes. This so accurately describes the job hunt process and the associated feelings and transitions people go through. Much more positively and humorously than my angst-filled blog. I love this, and appreciate the laugh. Good luck with your job search!

  2. Literally my life right now

  3. Oh girl I feel you! Good luck with everything!

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