Cross Country Dating, NYC to SF: Ladies Get Your Carry-Ons Ready

The other morning when I was changing to head to the gym I turned on the Kelly and Michael show. This is not a cry for help, neither am I insinuating I have become a middle aged WASP that watches day time talk shows — this is just what happens when you have time on your hands (lesson learned, there is no good day time television on). Being a huge fan of Michael Strahan I watched intently as they pulled up the news for the day. Strahan started talking about this new dating service, The Dating Ringthat essentially flies women from NYC over to SF where they can meet/date their suitors. Cool / weird, I thought.

Later that day I had lunch with my Mom and brought up The Dating Ring. She mentioned that one of her employees (a young male in the Bay Area) had complained about the dating scene in Silicon Valley. Summarily, too many “geeky tech guys” in the Valley and not enough X chromosomes. Understandably so. Which had me thinking, why did I ever move away from the Silicon Valley? Moreover, why did I move to NYC where single women are the vast majority (seriously, census data backs it up – I looked it up)? Granted, I’m obviously in no rush to get hitched – but something about this seemed incredibly genius.

This is Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” in 2014.

The problem: The single ladies in NYC apparently aren’t getting any love. Also, the single men in SF aren’t either.

The solution: Cross-country matchmaking where women from NYC are flown to meet their men by the Bay.

There’s a lot of logistics of course, but for a $25 membership fee – you can (possibly) crowdfund your way to true L-O-V-E!

Forget the part where it might possibly resemble something like human trafficking. I remember one time when I was younger and on a field trip learning about the (birds and the) bees, the beekeeper (like we were actually learning about bees at a bee farm) said something about transporting the bees to areas where certain flowers are dying out so they could pollinate and produce more flowers. Its a win win situation right? The bees get to pollinate (I’m no bee expert but pretty sure that’s what they do, thats their thing), and the flowers thrive and don’t die! Well, as soon as I heard about The Dating Ring, immediately what came to mind was this transportation of bees to certain areas to revive the dying flowers. But then again, thats my hyper-feminist view point of that.

Back to Michael Strahan though. While discussing this, he kept complaining that he didn’t like the fact that the women had to actively fly over to see the men. Which makes a lot of sense. Make the men do the leg work right? (Sidenote: Is Michael Strahan a proclaimed feminist? Looking it up…) My feminist insides wanted to know why the ladies had to make the 5hr plane ride versus the men.

After chatting with Emma – The Dating Ring’s sexuality specialist / mamamatchmaker, one of the key components of The Dating Ring – I learned that there are absolutely plans to have the men do the traveling to NYC, that initially weren’t supposed to happen yet, but “after so many men voiced that they wanted it, we ended up launching it later that day, so it’s up and running now! You tell a bunch of men that there is a city filled with straight single women and they will DEFINITELY get on a plane“. As a woman it’s depressing when you think of NYC like that. As a man, I’m sure its heaven.

Booking flight to SFO, ASAP.

If only Carrie Bradshaw lived in 2014…

Sex and the City probably would have only lasted two seasons until she realized she could hop on a non-stop flight to SFO and meet the man of her dreams in a warmer, more mild climate.

Incredible. You have men/women hand picked for you (nice), you don’t risk being catfished (scary – can you imagine what would happen if you flew across the country to meet someone who was not who they said they were? Not okay.), and there’s a party involved (extra nice, with a cherry on top!)! I’m just trying to think of how depressing that would be if you’ve exhausted your prospects in both NYC and SF … what now? I guess you’re doomed #spinsterlife #catlady #100cats.

So far I think this is a complete win win situation for everybody involved. In essence, The Dating Ring is leveling out the playing field – tinkering with the numbers and mathematical things that unveil an imbalance of this mad, crazy dating world. Gender disequilibrium … conquered. Beat that OkCupid, Eharmony, JDate, Christian Mingle etc.

Next on your agenda: Long distance relationship counseling. 


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