My Computer Crashed So Now I Feel Like Carrie Bradshaw

Y’all do not understand. Carrie does though.

The other night in between watching the latest episodes of GIRLS and True Detective and attempting to do some research for a paper I have to write, my computer’s display glitched out on me, causing my trusted partner, my Apple Macbook of 3 years, to essentially die on me. I figured it’d be a quick fix, and made my Apple Genius Bar appointment for the next day. I clearly overestimated the talent of the Genius Bar as the Genius helping me took a look at my computer, winced and through gritted teeth told me I’d have to send it out for 5-7 days to get it repaired. She delivered the news as I’d expect a doctor to tell a patient they just found a possibly dangerous lump on their body. So, likewise, that’s how I reacted. Obviously I tried to keep my cool – I was in the Apple Store for fuckssake – people couldn’t witness me having a breakdown. But under my breath I asked her “like 5-7 days? or is it like a overestimate and I’ll get it back in like 5.5 days?”, “what would cause this?”, “my documents and data will still be there right?”. And that’s when she asked me the question: Did I back up my data? “Honestly no, I thought it’d be a quick fix”. I was so eager to get my Macbook fixed that I almost let her take it away without backing it up. At the last minute I pulled my computer back and told her I wanted to spend one night with it trying to salvage what I could. So that’s where I’m at.

Basically, this was that episode in Sex And The City when Carrie’s Macintosh dies on her and her and Aidan take it to the computer store to get it fixed and Carrie gets shunned for not “backing up”. I knew we were the same person (-says every single female in New York City). Except for the fact that I did not have a significant other to console me through this emotionally devastating time. Oh well. Can’t win ’em all.

Other times I’ve shamelessly related to Carrie Bradshaw (you know, besides the fact that we can both put dating columnist, freelance Vogue writer, published author, under our resume – obviously):

Definitely have wondered this multiple times. The answer is, PEOPLE are freaks.

Samesies, Carrie. The woman knows how to define hotmess. I on the other hand, have perfected it.

Like Carrie, I believe every institution should have some sort of standard and class, even a McDonalds drive thru.

Ummm… me too… but I also like to have some in my pocket…

We’ve all jumped to this conclusion…. or maybe not. A tad dramatic Carrie…

Super sensible, Carrie… definitely dramatic. Reconsidering my Carrie Bradshaw comparison.

Okay, youre losing me, Carrie. Define “zsa zsa zsu”. I’m lost.

So lost. Ditch the Carrie Bradshaw comparison.

So maybe there were a very select amount of times I felt like Carrie Bradshaw – for the most part she’s delusional, questions too much shit, and is overly dramatic… which, to clarify, I am not (I realize this might be up for debate out there – just clarifying and settling the score).

Moral of the story: my computer is dead, bear with me.


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