Bitchy Bracket

I’m not talking about your bracket. Although everyone’s bracket at this point can be called a “bitch bracket”.

Drew Magary is by far one of my favorite columnist/writers. It’s no surprise I love his Bitchy Bracket he put together in honor of the most “insufferable bitchy enthusiasts”. Enjoy.



Let’s start with the “Best Fans in Baseball!” Regional: I’m going for the Oakland Raiders fans to go all the way. No doubt.

Worst Episode Ever Regional: While the Beliebers v. R. Kelly supporters looks like a good matchup, I’d say Woody Allen Disciples will probably win out.

As for Politico Commenter Regional: This may be the toughest region yet – but I think the greatest matchup would be to see the Christian Conservatives and Twitter Feminists.

Lastly, the Park Slope Co-Op Regional has a lot going on with the Paleo Dieters being ranked as an underdog – I have strong faith they’ll pull to super bitchy in no time. In fact, my money is on Paleo Dieters and Cross Fit Enthusiasts.

In any case, follow Magary’s Bitchy Bracket here. It’s fantastic.


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  1. haha i love the bitchy bracket. so glad i came across this. thanks for the entertainment this boring saturday morning.

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