YCKMS Turns 2 Today!

In the larger scheme of things, two years old is nothing. It’s infantile, really.

But in my world, two years is



Two years is more time than…

  • My cumulative years spent at Villanova University.
  • The amount of years Freaks and Geeks aired on NBC (thank god or else James Franco, Seth Rogen or Jason Segel wouldn’t have been discovered).
  • The amount of time gaucho pants were actually “in”.

  • The years I played high school volleyball.
  • Lipstick Jungle aired on NBC.
  • My obsession with Etnies and trucker hats lasted (thank baby Jesus).

    More like Von Douchey.
  • Any of my relationships have lasted / any male can deal with me, thus far.
  • Tony Parker’s French rap career.

  • I worked at LUSH cosmetics.
  • I worked at Warby Parker (obviously I didn’t learn the first time that retail isn’t my thing).
  • I worked at an organic frozen yogurt shoppe.
  • Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s marriage.

    They belong together. I know it.
  • I spent in my residence in 75 third ave, NY.
  • I spent in my residence in 400 broome st, NY.
  • I spent in my residence in 415 e14th st, NY.
  • Pat Burrell / “Pat the Bat” spent playing for the SF Giants before retiring with the Phillies.

    Oh Pat the Bat… ❤
  • My time doing crew/rowing for Stanford.
  • I did journalism/wrote for my high school newspaper.
  • Pushing Daisies aired on ABC.
  • Juan Uribe spent with the SF Giants, before going over to the dark side AKA the LA Dodgers.

    It’s whatever.
  • Ned Stark was actually on GoT.

You get it.

We are two today! Have a drink… actually, have two! And always #staysassy.


Precisely RDJ, precisely.

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