Coping With Writers Block For Real

The NYPL, my computer and a flask is my go-to.
The NYPL, my computer and a flask is my go-to.

I have tried to make it a point to write every day. Whether its a paragraph, a new blogpost, a draft of a blogpost, a new section to my book, or even a ridiculously, unnecessarily long email/text to an unfortunate person that probably didnt deserve a multi paragraphed reply to their simple email.

I write because I love writing. Duh. It keeps me sane and it keeps my creative juices flowing like a goddamn waterfall. But mostly because it keeps me sane and puts my thoughts and emotions on paper (because I know a lot of you wonder why I have such a dark soul… I do have emotions and feels, okay?).

Every so often, however, I encounter what is commonly referred to as “writers block”. Those days when it just isn’t happening. When, despite how many hours I scroll through the Internet, I am still unable to get inspired. It’s exhausting. Not having something to write about or not being able to write is far more exhausting than having something to write about or actually writing. Any self-respecting writer knows this. It can last from an hour to a week. Yeah, its rough.

Here’s how I cope with writers block:

  • Surf the interwebz until something inspirational piques your interest. Nothing. Fail miserably and realize you’ve been surfing Reddit and Twitter links for hours and its 2am so you should sleep. Lull yourself to bed with Netflix.

  • Momentarily drive yourself crazy about having writers block. The world is out to get you, nothing in life is fair, yaddayaddayadda. It’s sad and its depressing, but lets be honest whats your moaning and groaning going to do about it? What, are you trying to write fiction now?

ugh, quite possibly the ugliest crying face ever.

Pick yourself up (and your self loathing at that) and go for a walk. You know how they say to clear your mind with some fresh air. All the nature! How refresh! Such green!

  • Self medicate. Pick your poison. Perhaps a bowl? A Xanax typically does it for me. But usually I end up falling asleep before getting inspired

  • Change your scenery. Redecorate your apartment. Write at a library. A cafe. A restaurant? A stoop? Hell if I know. Maybe try writing on physical paper rather than into a GoogleDoc.

  • Self medicate again. I’m obviously all about self medication. Drink. Wine (but not the RED sleepy kind). Write intoxicated. I admit, roughly 70% of my blog posts are written whilst intoxicated. Are you complaining?

  • Forget about writing. Seriously. Whether its for an hour or a few days. Don’t obsess about trying to write something. Something will just come. Trust me. I’ve had epiphanies at the most random of times – like at dinner, at a bar, on a date, on the subway or while having an important conversation – get out your Moleskine (because youre not a writer if you dont’ have an appropriate notebook) and write it down. Some of the best ideas for blogposts/articles/stories have come to me in the most mundane places where I jumped up, exclaimed, “YESSSS”. And suddenly felt the urge to go home and write my little heart out.


Lastly, write about having writers block. Cover it up with excessive use of GIFs.

Good luck. May the force be with you .


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