How to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo (Without Being A Fool)

Don’t be that guy…

Here’s a little Mexican history lesson: CINCO DE MAYO IS NOT MEXICO’S INDEPENDENCE DAY. It’s in fact, a day that celebrates Mexico’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. So it’s a big fucking deal in Puebla, Mexico… but the rest of the country? Not so much. The United States celebrates it in a much larger fashion than most native Mexicans do. Why?

Because… tequila.

I think.

DO celebrate with tequila and tacos.
DON’T celebrate by going to Chipotle. Who are you? Peasant.

DO recognize the historical background of Cinco.
DON’T do the sombrero hat and mustache thing. I’m looking at you, frat stars. Stereotypes / negative cultural approprations = not cool. Also Spanglish? No. Just no.

DO drink Mexican. Mexican beers are superior in my book. Pacifico is one of my favorites (and Modelo at times). And Tequila? Yes. Lots. Love.
DONT use Cinco as an excuse to get rip roaring drunk during the week.


Here are a few of YCKMS go to spots for celebrating, drinking and imbibing for 5/5 (drink a fifth of tequila? We think yes).


orchard x houston.
So I let the cat out of the bag. This is a guy I dated’s “spot”, which soon became my favorite “spot” which I am now broadcasting so it’s no longer anybody’s particular “spot” nor is it niche. By far my FAVORITE tacos on the East Coast. Barbacoa, chorizo, fish, pork belly… you name it, they rock it. They mix their margaritas strong so liquor-wise, no complaints. My only personal gripe here is the plethora of Los Angeles paraphanalia adorning the walls here… particularly the Dodgers memorabilia. But I’m past it, especially when my stomach is full of fish tacos and Pacifico.


12th st x ave a.
Also letting the cat out of the bag on this one. El Camion has THE BEST frozen margaritas in a bunch of amazing flavors. $5 during happy hour? Yes. Just blocks from my apartment’s doorstep? Just call me a regular. That is… until I invest in a frozen margarita machine…


4th st x 1st ave.
My go to hangover cure. God bless your soul (and help you) if you need hangover food tomorrow morning. All of the breakfast burritos here are exactly what you need. Trust me. They’ll ask you if you want it “spicy” and your only answer is “yes”, obviously.

Luis is the best.
Luis is the best.


12th st x university.
Because the guac.


prince x mott.
Okay, so it’s not authentically MEXICAN, per se. But excuse my political incorrectness as I promote this PanAmerican spot for a sec. Oficina Latina boasts good eats and one of my favorite drinks menu south of Houston. Their avocado margarita is everything. Or get the Passion and Love shots… just ask for Luis. He’s the best.


12th st x ave b.
They have an extensive tequila menu. Like laundry list, long. Need I say more?

If you’re really in a pinch I won’t judge you if you get a burrito at Mission Cantina, Benny’s Burritos or Dos Toros… I guess, you gringo.

But in all seriousness, check out (my favorite) Anthony Bourdain’s blog on his Part’s Unknown episode in Mexico. His show is indoubtedly the best television show airing right now, in my opinion. And last night’s episode was rife with cartel violence, drugs, food and FOOD. Also a GIANT MICHELADA. Pure perfection. Seriously, watch it.

Oh Tony….



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