NFL Draft 2014 First Round Highlights

The suits.

Do you know how much material goes into making these custom suits for these guys? A lot. Like, if you’ve ever watched Shannon Sharpe on CBS Sports (so sad, no more) you will understand the importance of a fitted suit (because you agree that it fits him either really well, or really terribly… or you chalk it up to his huge post NFL muscles). What I’m getting at here is that these guys can’t squeeze themselves into a J.Crew Ludlow suit at the drop of a hat… but they make do.

Best dressed:

I’ve been a huge fan of the navy suit this season. From the tie bar to the fit, this surprisingly works.
I love Blake Bortles. His suit game was a little on the vanilla-y side, however.

Odell Beckham Jr. ‘s bowtime game
I can see Odell becoming the NFL’s Russell Westbrook. The guy’s got a sense of “style” (note the air quotes). I don’t hate this outfit. I like it, actually.

Also, two toned lapels… when did that become a thing?

Drew Magary (one of my favorite writers on GQ/Deadspin) getting drunk and live tweeting:

Jon Gruden on the Manziel hype all night.

This guy who chronicled all of the #BroHugs of the night.

  DiGiornos on Johnny Manziel not being a top 10 pick.  

Also, can we talk about how a homeless man inspired the Browns’ Jimmy Haslam to draft Johnny Football? 

Manziel just got drafted. I’m done with this now.


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