Men Say The Darndest Things: Yasiel Puig

Yeah, yeah, so you were expecting a Men Say The Darndest Things addition with all the weird shit I get sent. Sorry to disappoint. Instead, here’s a picture from Yasiel Puig’s Instagram account that has me thinking:

via Yasiel Puig's Instagram account.
via Yasiel Puig’s Instagram account.

  • This is indeed evidence that Puig is nothing more than a bonafide, grown baby / man – boy.
  • Why is his TV not full screen? Black bars? Nah, bro. Even I know that.
  • You never know how overly beefed up a guy is, until he’s wearing a skin tight polo.
  • Is he sitting on something? Are his knees on the floor? What is going on here?
  • There are minions… (I’ve noticed Yasiel has a thing for the minions and stuffed animals – they appear in about every 5 of his instagram pictures)
  • I see bobble heads… I’m 99.9% sure that Puig’s own head is in fact, blocking his very own bobble head behind him.
  • That’s a lot of (plush) decor for an IKEA grade TV/media stand.
  • Is this what getting your grown man on looks like?
  • Do hashtags still count even when they are in spanglish?
  • Is this a PR attempt to counteract his on-field douchiness / amount of bat flips?
  • How did this picture go down? Was this Yasiel’s idea?
  • Non-athletic white men would not be able to pull off this picture (people would be running yelling “pedophile” obviously).

Yeah, I’m not a Dodgers fan, and am most definitely not a Yasiel Puig fan. So sue me.


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