Things You Shouldn’t Settle For

Because you deserve it!


  • Just a burger (and no fries)
  • An okay fitting pair of jeans
  • The first selfie you take
  • A poorly tailored (or not tailored at all) suit
  • An unfitted blazer.
  • Cheap dress shoes.
  • Cheap flats.
  • A #badbitch / #rudebitch playlist with no Iggy Azaelea or Azaelia Banks
  • Your feelings not being recognized by other(s).
  • Just ONE episode of Real Housewives.
  • Cheap perfume (I’m looking at you, you Love Potion wearers).
  • Bad sex.
  • Being anything less than fierce.
  • A chipped manicure.
  • That guy that keeps sending you dick pics.
  • Single ply toilet paper.
  • Just one chip.
  • Basic bitches.
  • Just one pair of Nike running shoes.
  • An OK playlist for your commute to work.
  • Just one glass of champagne (settle for a bottle, always).
  • A subpar bagel (/toppings combo).
  • Coming home from work and not taking off your pants / putting on your comfy pants.
  • Guys that don’t like sports.
  • Girls that don’t like sports.
  • People who don’t get your amazing pop culture references.
  • Indifference.
  • Body odor.
  • Just one drink (WHO DOES THAT).
  • Chipotle without guac (again, WHO DOES THAT?!).
  • Misshaped eyebrows



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