Analysis / Practical Uses for 2014 Emoji Additions

Unicode announced 240 additions to the iOS emoji keyboard which is expected to be implemented in July. It’s everything we’ve been waiting for! Right?

  •  Thermometer – This is great. I can now have an emoji to tell my friends I’m having hot flashes! No, but seriously.
  •  Black Droplet – Like BLK water? Whats black droplet? That’s ominous. Can you use it like you would ‘Poop’ emoji?
  • Wind Blowing Face – Great in instances to emulate Beyonce hair blow. #fierce

  • Hot Pepper – Another great complimentary emoji. Finally something to give my smiley hearts in eyes emoji a rest! Used in sentence: “Just got a new haircut!” Your response: hot pepper emoji. 
  • Fork And Knife With Plate – To illustrate hangry-ness
  • Heart With Tip On The Left – What? Tip on the left? What does that mean? Like a dagger? Why wouldn’t you just say dagger?

  • Sword/Dagger – I think. Great for vengeful texts, and Game of Thrones recaps. ie: “YOURE LATE AGAIN dagger/sword emoji”
  • Derelict House Building – I really would like to see how emoji creators made a house look derelict and so small. V curious.
  • Om Symbol – Don’t know why the fuck I would ever need the Om Symbol emoji considering when I use emojis it’s in some frantic/crazed mood.

  • Reversed Hand With Middle Finger Extended – Color me excited for this one! I don’t think y’all understand how long I’ve been waiting for this. Actually, I’m sure you all have been waiting for this moment too…
  • No Piracy – Piracy? Like Pirates? Hmmm… not sure if too practical….

  • Man In Business Suit Levitating – Umm… What is this? I’ve seen this before I think. Is this an Occupy Wall Street thing? But seriously, how did this come up?
  • Lips – Never enough lips emojis!
  • Hand Thing from Star Trek – For all you Vulcans out there…

Emoji’s I’m still waiting for:

  • cat lady emoji
  • drinks on drinks emoji
  • “i’m literally dying” emoji
  • netflix and sweatpants emoji
  • forever alone emoji
  • vomiting emoji (and vomit emoji)
  • hungover emoji
  • talk to the hand emoji
  • side eye emoji
  • eye roll emoji
  • beyonce emoji
  • burrito emoji
  • black/ice heart emoji
  • bagel emoji
  • make it rain
  • general struggle emoji

So if someone in Unicode dev could get on that, I’d be so appreciative. praying emoji.


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