Humpday Harangue 7/23

My SFGiants are back on track and back in first place after a 14 inning win against the Phillies. Things don’t get better than that. Also, my boy Kontos had another fantastic outing. Preparing for when my boys come to NYC.

Speaking of baseball, I love that Jack White is a fan. Cubs fan or not.. that’s his prerogative.

Apparently I live in the most unhappy city in the United States. IS THAT A SURPRISE?!

On that note, apparently Brooklyn hipsters are surrendering. See: white flag raised on the BK Bridge (to be determined…), Starbucks in Williamsburg, and a new J. Crew is opening in Williamsburg on Wythe. God forbid.

This WVU starting quarterback needs to get his priorities straight. YOU SHOULD BE LUCKY TO WATCH FOOTBALL WITH GIRLS!

Last nights episode of RHONY, Aviva Drescher / Real Housewife #234900239 of New York City threw her motherfucking prosthetic leg at Le Cirque. Um, excuse me? Shit Bravo airs… I was just channel flipping… I swear.

Chuck Palhinuk’s f***ed up mind is putting together a sequel to Fight Club in comic book form. I’m thrilled.

Louboutin is rolling out a nail polish line, Rouge Louboutin. Ask me if I care.

A recent Slate article casts a light on how New Yorkers eat dinner through a photographer Miho Aikawa’s lenses. Conclusion: New Yorkers are sad and alone. As if I needed photojournalism to tell me that.

LeBron’s PR team is really killing it. 1) the return to Cleveland, 2) best-basketball-dad of the year, 3) the cupcake stunt. It’s totally working, as his press thus far has been sickeningly positive (see recent ESPN article).

The other day Spoon released a new song, Inside Out, which is probably the most beautiful song I’ve heard in awhile. More Flaming Lips, less Spoon circa 2005 during “I Turn My Camera On” era.

 happy humpday.



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