ManServants – What Can YOU Do For Me?

I’ve used Task Rabbit before. I’ll admit I haven’t delved deep into their offerings, but I will say that I’ve gotten a bit of web developing help and website building services through TaskRabbit. I’ve even looked at prices for dog walking… for my hypothetical dog, you know. Needless to say, it’s a great service for those looking to fill odd tasks. I’ve had a professor who used TaskRabbit to pick up his food (instead of paying a delivery charge – I guess that works?), pick up his laundry, receive packages etc. Its a great platform to make money and get your shit done.

Enter ManServants.

Infiltrating my social media feeds are quirky, tongue in cheek videos promoting this ManServant company. I dig it. I’m all about quirky, off-beat advertising and marketing. So into it.

Digging it even more once I learn this company is:

A) A SF based start up
B) The brainchild of two ad-copywriters (hence the tongue in cheek viral video)
C) A PG-rated male escort service in short

Furthermore, the company’s “vision” is:

“To empower women to make their own rules. Rules a ManServant may then follow.”

Right. On.

ManServant tasks range from pool boy, personal assistant, creative compliment giver at your beck and call, or just a simple bit of arm candy… essentially, whatever your little heart desires. Essentially, its the boyfriend you never had ladies – just at a steep price (because nothing in life is free).

Of course they’re pretty and handsome and easy on the eyes. But my question is can they do anything practical? Sure, I hired some web developer on TaskRabbit to redesign my blog (who I don’t think was attractive but it was all via interwebz so who cares), but would it be asking too much to hire a ManServant to redesign my blog? Are they trained in anything other than looking-pretty? Because for fuckssake if I’m paying you, you better be doing something worth mama’s money. Such practical things like:

  • Cleaning my apartment
  • Giving me a manicure
  • Having dinner made for me upon my return home (CAN THEY COOK? This should be a prerequisite)
  • Walking my hypothetical dog (see the pattern – I have a hypothetical dog that I think of even in hypothetical situations)
  • Help me carry my bags home from grocery shopping x Trader Joes Wine Shop
  • Go to IKEA with me and not argue with me because we’re not a couple and god willing you’re too pretty to argue with
  • Going to the gym with me (is there an option to have a personal trainer certified ManServant?)
  • Taking egregious pictures of me like Kim took for Kanye for an impending “selfie book”
  • Going out to get fro-yo for me (while I wait at home in fat pants t-shirt)
  • Or, as the ads suggest, having them pour champagne on me while I sunbathe – totally practical, am I right?

And with that I just pictured myself having a cooked meal ready on the table with a glass of ‘secco in hand, and after stuffing my face with a wave of my manicured hand (thanks to ManServant as well), I say, “run a bath for me darling” and voila my life is made after upwards of hundreds of dollars….

… sorry this is getting out of hand.

But jokes aside, I wondered how a start up like this can actually turn a profit in the long run. Glazing past the viral videos and great copy and marketing, I wanted to know, “can/will this actually be a thing?”. So I asked my buddy, SF/NYC start up/marketing guru Ryan Kulp to weigh in:

I’m reminded of when the founders of “College Hunks Moving Junk” (junk removal) went on Shark Tank and pitched “College Foxes Moving Boxes” (home organization). The sharks made the point that no right-minded woman would allow her husband to hire hot chicks to go into their closet, and likewise a woman wouldn’t feel safe getting hired by weirdos. Similar applies here… is a married woman (or one in a relationship) going to be prohibited from this service because it’s too explicit / sensual? I don’t see how any guy could be OK with this for real, only for a joke / novelty. Like I get one for my GF and her friends for a day, just to be funny. But not as a viable recurring service.

Moreover, Ryan pointed out that the company mainly markets to bachelorette parties and special occasion parties… making this a one time, pay, play (per se) and end story. Like this ain’t no Pretty Woman relationship where it becomes a recurring trend. Your ManServant is a rental, and just that. That being said, this simply is a “one-off” purchase, and nothing more than that.

Regardless though, I love what ManServants is doing, their mission and their attitude towards empowering women in this funky way. Sometimes people just want to be loved by someone mildly-attractive, I guess? An old roommate of mine who worked as a dominatrix told me a lot of the things she was tasked with were hardly sexual and screamed “keep me company” instead.

It’s kind of our dream to annihilate the male stripper industry,” co-founder Dalal Khajah said, “but really we just want to flip the script and provide another option.”

I like this option… so if ever the team over at ManServants need a product review – I’m your gal!

But in the same breath – if I have any ManServant volunteers – again, I’m your gal!


Ladies: What would you do with a #ManServant?


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