Humpday Harangue 8/16

-Thanks to @MLBGIFs these golden dancing Panda GIFs have surfaced. God, I love my Giants.

-Speaking of my #SFGiants, Hunter Pence as GossipGirl? xoxo I LOVE YOU.
Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 10.13.45 AM

– For all of you design nerds, check out this interview with Paul Francis of the NIKE innovation kitchen.

-My beloved Foursquare app came out with a fabulous upgrade, however decided to nix the check-in option. GREAT. How else am I supposed to stalk my friends? Oh… there’s Swarm for that I guess.

-This morning I woke up an hour late with less than 20 minutes to get to work on time. Feeling self-congratulatory considering I washed up, threw on a frock, made my face presentable to the public and jumped in a cab to make it to work on time. I’m a star. I know.

-Currently loving John Oliver’s HBO Last Week Tonight. Witty, hilarious, true. On that note, check out his segment on the debate on Native Advertising. It’s important. Even WSJ thinks so.

-Warby Parker just came out with a new collection, the Waterway Collection. I just bought a new pair of frames last week, but this collection includes Percey in clear/crystal frames. God I’m tempted. My glasses obsession is out of hand.


A Pop-Up Spa on a NYC Subway platform. Gross. No. I don’t know what kind of stunt (it IS a stunt) they’re trying to pull but its disgusting. Sure, I sweat BALLS waiting for my 6 train on the platform, but don’t confuse that with lux spa time. GET IT OUT OF HERE WE DON’T WANT IT.

-My NIKE+ run maps are NOTHING in comparison to this chick’s. This is my new aspiration in life now.

-My friends at Uber just announced UberPool, a savvy way to save money and pick up other riders on your way to your destination. Color me excited! Just what a gal on a budget needs.

-I made a Wes Anderson playlist featuring music from most of his films. I’m happy with myself.


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