Humpday Harangue 8/27

Thanks TimeWarner for making this blog post possible (CAN YOU SENSE MY SARCASM?!)

This week the American Chemical Society came out to say that it’s totally fine to pee in the ocean, thus allowing us to free flow in the sea. As if I needed someone to tell me that was okay…

So I missed the Emmy’s Monday night but I’m still in the loop to know enough that I’m jumping on the Cary Fukunaga train (also can we talk about Kit Harrington’s man bun? Swoon). You can call me obsessed with the Oakland-bred, action sports, Warby Parker-wearing, long hair sporting, mastermind behind the awesome show True Detective.


Speaking of awesome shows, I’m way late to the party but I’ve been binge watching Friday Night Lights like its no one’s business. How did I not get into this show before??!

True to form, GQ’s Best New Menswear Designer picks features an amazing brand, M.Nii. Check out their style inspiration and ethos here. They’re rad and groovy. On the topic of stylish magazines, I’m fascinated with Lucky’s EIC, Eva Chen (who favorited my tweet) who is both a stylistic and career inspiration.

Jenna Lyons will always have my heart, but Eva Chen is a maven.

Also on the subject of fashion, I’m not fully comprehending the ‘normcore’ trend (banality is key, I assume), but I’m about to spend some cash monies on these sneaks. I love them.

Congrats to Chelsea Handler who bid adieu on her last episode of Chelsea Lately last night. Handler is headed for a more lucrative gig with Netflix… just another show to add to my never-ending queue.

I’m not getting mushy or getting soft on y’all I promise, but Refinery29 has me looking at these effortlessly chic City Hall wedding style photos with envy. This weekend while visiting home, my mom and my sister both concluded that I’m the type of person that would get eloped on a whim…Thanks, guys?

Snapchat is valued at $10 billion? Is this some sort of joke? Who knew a selfie catalyst media could be worth so much. I hate the world sometimes.

While on the topic of this typically ugly and depressing world… Today on my commute my MetroCard unknowingly expired, leading to that awkward ‘so do I get off the bus or  bank on a free ride?’ moment. A woman yelled across the bus if I needed fare money, which shocked me. So lady – if you’re out there: it’s people like you that make the world go ’round. Good karma is coming your way bbygirl.


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