Sassy Sports Sunday 9/7 (w/ live updates because who knows how many more interceptions Romo will throw)

[with live updates]

  • My SF Giants are on a streak right now. #MVPosey is hitting .508 with 7HR and 21RBIs in his last 15 games… can we talk about that for a second? Let that sink in. While we’re at it – it’s pretty clear that while Panda LOVES hitting the Tigers, the Tigers dread facing the Panda. Holy hell I’m nostalgic for 2012 WS now.

    Remember this? Oh all the feels.
  • I’ll admit I didn’t watch the entire game, but Oregon looked reallll good Saturday against Michigan State. The few minutes I did watch, QB Marcus Mariota looked pretty sharp.
  • So what, Stanford lost against USC and yeah I was a little upset about it, especially since my roommate, a USC alum and I watched the game together, but what can you do. Both sides were pretty sloppy and it was a pretty boring game. Here’s my takeaway from the game:
    • The Raiders may have lost but they actually looked pretty decent in their game against the Jets. Am I hopping on the Derek Carr bandwagon? Maybe, possibly. You know how I feel about a rookie QB (also a Fresno State kid = local). We’ll see how the Raiders shape up this season.
    • The Redskins are still learning to not tackle your own team.
  • The Saints’ Drew Brees in the new Wrangler Jeans commercials? I’m all about that. Big upgrade from Brett Farve (click this incase you haven’t seen what Farve looks like lately – frightening).
  • Basic bitches all over the city wearing Johnny Manziel Browns jersies…
  • Antonio Brown of the Steelers straight up kicks the Browns’ poor punter square in the face.
  • The Niners are owning Tony Romo / Dez Bryant and the Cowboys. Can you say interception city? Also, not sure if they know that they probably should put more coverage on Vernon Davis.
    • Someone punch me in the face because NFL on FOX has the worst announcers JOE fucking BUCK (I would literally kick him in the balls if I ever saw him) and Troy Aikman who should NOT be calling games.
    • Tony Romo has thrown 3 (number to be updated) interceptions because “he hasn’t been practicing”? I’m sorry, he’s had a 10+ year career thus far. Don’t make excuses Buck and Aikman.
    • The realest cowboy in the game, Justin Smith had a beautiful sack on Romo
    • Someone needs to stop the media Harbaugh-hate. I’m SO SICK of it.
    • I decided to mute the TV because I seriously can’t listen to Buck and Aikman anymore.


Fantasy Update:

I have the Seahawks D-line on one of my teams which is great since they crushed it, but not so great because fuck the Seahawks (and Pete Carroll). VERNON DAVIS is also on one of my teams and I couldn’t be happier right now.


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