Humpday Harangue 9/10

A weekly stream of consciousness cluttered by links and brands. Why are you reading this anyways?
  • Last night I went to Inc. Magazine’s 35 Under 35 event. Congrats Inc. Magazine, and congrats all you good-looking entrepreneurs out there.
  • Exemplary designer Marc Newson joins Apple’s design team. My design-nerd girl feels are tingling.
  • Warby Parker unveiled their Fall 2014 collection… I mean, I’m always due for another pair…
  • Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the NFL finally fired Ray Rice, but it disgusts me that it took a TMZ video of a woman to get that ball rolling. Not handled well, NFL.
  • This NYT Metropolitan Diary entry of a girl who got stood up and a cabby helped a sister out is heart warming. There are real people out in NYC. This is shocking.
  • WHAT THE FUCK IS THE #InternetSlowdown?! Netflix is one of the companies slowing down their internet for a 24-hr protest for net neutrality. Net neutrality is a great cause, don’t get me wrong, but HOW THE FUCK ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO CONTINUE ON IN MY FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS BINGE FEST?! 
  • Banks released her full album GODDESS on spotify. OMPH.
  • This list of celebrity 49ers fans is troubling… How is Matt Kemp a Niners fan? So many questions.
  • I really hate NY Fashion Week, and I’m not alone on this. However, the only article I’ve found remotely entertaining was this intricate compilation by Racked: Bros Go Front Row: What Happens When Dudes Do Fashion Week.
  • Fast+Co.‘s innovation by design list is here. Its incredible.
  • Unless the Apple Watch can pay my bills and provide me some TLC, quite frankly I dont care. UGH I GUESS ITS KINDA COOL.

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