Go Home MTV You’re Drunk!

This is a dumb MTV video, so lets talk about it… 

-Mocking Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is not the way to go.

-Defending the word ‘feminist’ by name calling and swearing seems like a great idea….

-Playing up the “picketing on the street and not wearing a bra” stereotype, or the “lesbian woman with a beard and unshaved armpits,” doesn’t work either

-While I’m okay with being called “bitchy”, I certainly wouldn’t go around encouraging it.

MTV reaches 84,039,000 people on a daily basis… to go further, they reach millions of young people everyday. That being said, they have a huge ability to send out widespread messages that affect our society today. Actually, they have a responsibility to do so. Instead this is what they’re doing:

  • Delving into the seedy online romance world and humiliating people for our entertainment (Catfish)
  • Documenting the lives of unsuccessful adults who reside on the Jersey Shore (Jersey Shore)
  • Circling the lives of teenaged parents (Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2 & 16 And Pregnant)
  • Looking at teenagers who’ve decided to be abstinent (Virgin Territory)
  • Doing some nonsense on a boy / wolf hybrid Twilight series? (Teen Wolf)
  • Delineating what it means to be a girl in today’s world (GirlCode)

Which brings me to my current grievance: I’ve long had an issue with MTV, particularly the MTV Off The Bat show. GirlCode is a show I watch when I’m channel flipping. 10% of the time I find it funny, 90% of the time I find it idiotic and stupid.

First of all, who are these girls and why are we listening to them? Partially due to self deprecation (humor which seems to fit women best, apparently), these chicks don’t seem qualified, nor apt to be advising me on what to do, and how to act. Second of all, I guess it makes sense but why the fuck would we take advice from a show on MTV… precisely, we wouldn’t. So maybe this is all satire… because it really is a joke.

I get that it’s supposed to be funny. But still. MTV can do better.

So when I saw some clickbait / stories on the cast of GirlCode breaking down and explaining feminism, I thought, Wow, maybe we’ll get serious here. Maybe this actually will be good. I was obviously disappointed. Not because of the incredibly dumb stereotypes they highlight, but because not once in the video did they actually talk about what feminism actually IS.

So to that, I have to say, do better MTV, and GO HOME, YOU’RE DRUNK.


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