Sassy Sports Sunday 9/28: Brady Hoke is a JOKE

In today’s edition of Sassy Sports Sunday…

  • I didn’t watch Michigan’s game yesterday, but while rolling around in bed this morning looking at college scores and top headlines, something disgusted me… Michigan’s coach Brady Hoke who was absofuckinglutely oblivious to the fact that his QB Shane Morris was hurt, injured, concussed … NEEDED TO COME OUT. It’s a coaches job to look after his players, his oversight and mismanagement of this situation has me absolutely disgusted. The poor guy was already hurt prior to the illegal hit, and should’ve been taken out or at least assessed for a concussion immediately after that. Instead he stayed in and was later carted off the field. ESPN announcers calling the game even expressed their disdain for that call.
    But even more displeasing is that it’s not entirely Hoke’s fault. Of course he was the first and foremost person responsible for making the call, but other people are to blame here too…

    • His training staff: They should know immediately to have checked Morris for a concussion, or maybe have checked his gimp leg out?
    • Referees: That hit was downright illegal and Minnesota’s Cockran should’ve been penalized, even ejected for a hit like that. Failure on their part.
    • Wolverines AD: He should’ve been fired long ago (see Wolverines’ fall from the top), and he absolutely should be fired today after that disgusting oversight.


end rant.

  • In other college football news, Ohio State’s Anthony Schegel (ex- Buckeye player and NFL alumn) took down a drunk asshole who ran onto the field in an incredible tackle. If this photo below doesn’t do it justice, google the vine clips. It’s incredible.
  • Also, last night SNL decided to have a laugh at the recent NFL foibles with a Ray Lewis (Kenan Thompson) and Shannon Sharpe (Jay Pharoah). This clip is less funny, but I’m a HUGE fan of Shannon Sharpe and moreso, a huge fan of Jay Pharoaph’s impersonation of Sharpe, so in that aspect, its watchable (like so much of SNL is not). Watch the clip here.
  • We’re all entering ‘Goodbye Derek Jeter‘ hangovers by now, and though I’m not as belligerent about it as Keith Olbermann is, I’m starting to grow tired of it all. I am, however, all about saying goodbye to Paul Konerko. There’s another standup guy whose retiring days are being overshadowed (slightly because I guess he does/did play for the White Sox).
  • Earlier this week my SFGiants celebrated clinching a National League Wild Card spot. Perhaps the most epic part of this was Madison Bumgarner’s captured attempts to down 2 beers at once.

    In the background of this Huddy interview here… Also, AMY G GO GET A LIFE LIKE SO WHAT YOU HAVE BOOZE ALL OVER YOUR FACE, GET OVER IT! That motherfucker wiping her face down concerned with her makeup, GET THE FUCK OUT BITCH. #MUTEAMYG
    Country boy swag.
  • As much as I love watching my Niners any given Sunday, I am loving the QB matchup of Phillip Rivers ( my fantasy QB) and my boy Blake Bortles who is getting his first start tonight for the Jags. You go BB!
  • Plus, the Niners are serious lagging after the half right now.
  • Sidenote, I realized last night that Tammy Taylor on Friday Night Lights is also coaches wife in Friday Night Lights the movie. And Buddy Garrity also plays a pesky booster in the movie. I finished all 5 seasons in a month so naturally am experiencing a FNL hangover.
  • people are finally starting to realize what I’ve seen all along – that Kaepernick is inconsistent at best. Those rare moments when he makes a crazy play and everyone’s like “omygod wow such athlete”, are fleeting and not consistent. Today Kaepernick failed. Congrats to Vic Fangio and our D line. What say you about the rumored issues in Harbaughs club house? True or untrue?

[last update 7:55PM]



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