Anatomy Of A 9-Hour Male Bitch Fit

“I don’t like to burn my bridges. However, in this case it seems mandatory.”

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1:32:41 PM: Bitch Boy: Hey. I’m walking around with a broken foot in a boot. What’s new with you?

1:39:58 PM: Me: That sucks. Sorry but why do you keep messaging me?

1:48:21 PM: Bitch Boy: Aren’t you smart enough to answer that question yourself?

1:55:19 PM: Me: I’m obviously not interested though. So why do you bother?

1:57:36 PM: Bitch Boy: Do you really need an answer to that question? I mean, honestly I know you know the answer and you’re just being passive aggressive bitchy about it, but I feel the need to be passive aggressive back and point out that the answer is obvious.

2:02:23 PM: Me: Well if you think the answer is so obvious then why bother. It’s honestly just aggravating and irritating at this point. I don’t like you. Let it be.

2:03:23 PM: Bitch Boy: The answer that…

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