Humpday Harangue 10/8: CONGRATS #SFGIANTS & A NLDS Hangover

Today’s harangue will be dedicated solely to my SFGiants because they did it a-fucking-gain and are in the NLCS again!

So obviously I’m ecstatic.

  • First of all, can we all appreciate MadBum’s affinity for QUADCHUGGING bud? Last night he perfected QUINTCHUGGING(?) RE5PECT.
  • After spending my nights at Finnertys for the past 3/4 nights, I think I can say I need a break from the bar scene, so this is a welcome pause.
  • It’s usually about this time in October on even years where I get EXTREMELY homesick. Thank god for for and neighborhood bars.

    Always in Section 126 in spirit.
    Always in Section 126 in spirit.
  • One thing I’m NOT excited for? JOE FUCKING BUCK. I hate that motherfucker. Someone fire him for fuckssake because I don’t know one person in the world who actually likes him.



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  1. I wish I could double-like your post. Based on your love for the Giants alone…I think we’d get along just fine! Beat the Cards!!!!

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