LazyGirl Recipes V1

After working a 10hr work day and working out for a few hours and getting home after primetime TV time, the last thing on your mind is cooking a full blown meal. Am I right? Here are a few options that satiate your hunger and require minimal effort (because that is key here).


This is my house specialty…. Like, seriously. It really is. One time when I was going to have a “special friend” over for dinner, my roommates jokingly said, “Maddy why don’t you make him your specialty meal?” Obviously making fun of my absolute laziness (to be fair, that night I cooked an actual non-lazygirl meal). PROS: CHEESE. Cheese. Duh. You can’t go wrong with cheese. My roommate (who I inspired), likes to experiment with brie filled quesadillas, and even goes the healthy route sometimes with the brown rice flour tortillas (she says it doesn’t taste as good). Other PROs: throw in some protein in there and you have a majority of your food groups! Did someone say, left over rotisserie chicken? I think so.

How To:

So go to your local grocery store, pick out some of those tortillas (Mission is obviously a good brand because that’s basic and cheap), and a cheese of your choosing (Mexican blend is usually a good bet because you can feel authentic). Pull out your largest pan, turn that stove on and throw on a tortilla. Cook until browned (I like mine slightly burnt… by choice), fold in cheese and protein and whatever else (you can get crazy here). Let cool (this is important). Enjoy. 

Rotisserie Chicken

This is a LazyGirl essential. You buy one, it lasts you days… weeks even(hey if there’s not mold…)! Also cold left over rotisserie chicken is the best. And there are SO MANY possibilities! Put it in a soup, put it in a salad, put it in a sandwich, eat it by itself, put it in a quesadilla… whatever floats your motherfucking boat. [My roommate’s LazyGirl recipe: a tortilla, rotisserie chicken, green onions, “this weird chinese bean sauce but probs could find a subsitute”, and BAM!] Rotisserie  chicken: the gift that keeps on giving.

How to: 

Go to your local grocery store. Shamelessly purchase whole rotisserie chicken. Give zero fucks. 

Vienna Sausages

attributed by Julie Ju

Trust me. I’m the last person to knock a processed meat. Afterall, I LOVE SPAM. But you can imagine my surprise when this conversation happened on our apartments couch:

MT: Whatcha got there? 

JJ: Just some Vienna Sausages.

MT: You’re not going to warm them up? 

JJ: No? I didn’t know you had to heat them up? I just eat them raw?

So there it is. You can eat Vienna Sausages raw, making them a great meal in a can! You can also toss in spaghetti/pasta (because that’s another good LazyGirl staple), and voila!

How to:

Shamelessly buy Vienna Sausage cans (in bulk becase LazyGirl). Heat, or do not heat… that’s your choice. Enjoy.

Tortellini Soup

Perfect for cold days, but like who just eats (drinks?) soup for dinner because that’s not satisfying at all.

How to:

Buy chicken / vegetable broth, buy tortellini. Boil chicken/vegetable broth with tortellini (because LazyGirl, duh). Sprinkle with cheese. Serve. 



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