Humpday Harangue 11/5

Even though the GOP took over the Senate, every legislature that proposed increasing the minimum wage passed. So congratulations, America. We’re not all a bunch of animals (for the most part).

Props go out to Wendy Davis (Texas, D) who fought the good fight. I’ll always be Team Wendy.

If you missed it Sunday night, Anthony Bourdain’s CNN Parts Unknown episode in Iran was incredible. The images, the food, all of the interesting perspectives. This is a must watch. I beg of you. At least read this. On that note, does anyone have good Persian food suggestions in NYC?

Enter: seasonal depression. No baseball. No fun.

Matthew McConaughey was looking as handsome as ever on Monday Night Football. The McConnaisance is here. Is this just a McConaughey world and we’re just living in it? I’m okay with that.

If you love Shaq and Charles Barkley as much as me, but actually I mean, if you love MAKING FUN of Shaq and Charles Barkley as much as me, then watch their “audition” for True Detective here.

Can we talk about The Voice? More specifically, can we talk about #TeamGwen and the hunks she has on her team? I’m into it.

Today Slate posited the question “Does Uber Surge Pricing Take Unfair Advantage of Drunk People?” … the answer is Yes. Always. Yes.

Also, not okay with Taylor Swift lipsynching Kendrick. But I also can’t stop watching.


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