A Letter to Pablo Sandoval

It’s over.

I’ve come to terms with it and, it’s just over.

We have you three rings Pablo, Pablito, Panda. Doesn’t that mean anything to you?

We’ve been through a lot, Papi. Almost 6 years now. And what, you just throw it away? You know what? You know that feeling when you’re getting dumped by a boyfriend of 6 years (I don’t, but if I did, I’d imagine it feel like this)? Who cheered you on? Who stuck with you? WE DID.

We were your ride or die, Pablo.

We even fucking wore those goddamned Panda hats. Talk about embarrassing.

Even when they called you fat and told you you needed to lose weight, we were there for you. We still supported you. And when you lost the weight in offseason and quickly gained it back again, we still supported you.

Do you know who you were before you met us? NOBODY. Now look at you. We developed you, we trained you, we gave you that extra TLC most players don’t need and look how far you’ve come.

Who was there in your slumps? When you were hurt? WE WERE.

I can sit here and plead with you to stay. But that’s just silly. Your mind is clearly made up and its below me to try to convince a person to stay somewhere where he clearly does not want to be. We’re better than that.

Maybe if we throw some more money in your face? At the end of the day what is a few million anyways. Thats when it was pretty clear you did want to go to Boston and get out of town. Fine. Do it. Leave. And take your goddamned Panda hats with you too.

What does Boston have over San Francisco anyways? Whatever. See if I care.

I’m clearly hear broken over this. I feel slighted. I thought we were more than this Pablo.



Remember the good times we had? When we made our own secret hand shake?

All I can say now is thanks for the memories, the rings, the love. We’ll miss you, and best of luck.




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  1. I was so upset when I read the news about him. Your post reflects my sentiments. Adios señor!

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