Your Holidaze Drinking Game

The goal is to get drunk… I think? To be determined.

Drink if:

  • You run into your competition in high school (come on, don’t be coy. Everybody had that person), and you are winning.
  • One of your friends can’t stop talking about how happy they are in their long term relationship.
  • Someone talks about how much they pay rent in a non-major city.
  • A relative asks if you’re seeing someone.
  • Someone asks “what happened to that one guy/girl?”
  • Someone you grew up with started their own Silicon Valley start up (take a shot if they can’t stop talking about it, too).
  • Someone is wearing a Santa hat in public.
  • That one guy who still had his baby fat in middle school / high school is now obsessed with Crossfit.

Take a shot if:

  • You run into a guy you used to have a crush on in middle school who now is working on his “dad bod.”
  • Your flight is delayed.
  • You are sitting next to a handsome guy on a plane and look like utter shit.
  • Someone asks how much you pay rent in NYC and kind of laughs about it when you tell them.
  • One of your happily coupled friends asks if you want to join them in some activity where you clearly would be a third wheel.
  • Someone asks you if you want to go out on a date since you’re both “single during the Holidays”
  • You get a text at some point saying “Wish you could be my New Years kiss”… depending on the person, might up your game to “retreat to your room with a bottle of wine”.
  • Someone you went to school with is pregnant.

Retreat to your room with a bottle of wine if:

  • You are thinking of going shopping in NYC’s Soho at any point for the Holidays. TRUST ME, YOU’LL NEED IT.
  • One of your parents or grandparents says they’d like to see you engaged before they die.
  • Someone says anything starting with, “Maybe you wouldn’t be single if…”

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